Youth under the influence of Drugs

Farzeen Amin

Youth is the most beautiful, energetic, zealous and enlightening era in a person’s life. Young people are quick to take risks, enjoy the adventures of life and introduce themselves to new situations where they can challenge their capabilities. The young students have the best potential to bring change in the society and social settings of the world. However the youth we witness these days is sluggish, sad, depressed and aggressive. This picture of the youth being driven in darkness is saddening and yet horrifically alarming.

The reasons which can be blamed for the present state of most of the young individuals range to great length but one of the major issues in contemporary era is the use of Drugs. The drugs of abuse are being introduced and reintroduced in diverse and amusing forms. The drug peddlers are running open in schools, colleges and universities. The young individuals are very quick to take a risk and test their control over addiction. Moreover the fantasy having the experience of life they watch in movies and dramas make them curious. Thus young students become an easy prey for the peddlers.

The young students enter college in a very naïve age where they get to have the freedom to make their own choices. The innocence and stupidity to have an adventure leads their way towards the drug peddlers. The number of young students using the drugs of abuse is increasing with every year. The administrations of Universities and government are striving to prevent the drugs to enter the academic institutions but so far they have not been very successful.

Once a drug is recognized as hazardous and it is somehow prevented to spread. The dilemma increases with modified and synthetic drugs entering in the market every day. The harsh was once the most popular drug in the young students but now it has been replaced with Crystal Meth which is commonly known as “ICE” in Pakistan. The small ice like cubes is spreading like fire in the forest all around Pakistan.

The peddlers force students to be addicted on drugs and then they start charging more and more money for it. The addictions forces students to indulge in negative activities such as theft, just to be able to buy more drugs. They students are becoming psychological patients due to the use drugs. They spend days and nights alone in their room which makes them cut off from reality and real world. It becomes very hard for some students to quit the addiction. The depression has also lead to the suicidal attempts by the students.

There is a great need of hour to accept the fact of presence of drugs in our society. Any child can become a prey for the drugs so the parents and teachers have to start talking to children about the issue. The students must understand what this unnecessary adventure will lead into. We must teach our children to have stronger conviction. The parents must form more comfortable relationship with their children so that they don’t hide what they are facing in any fear. The bond between a child and teacher and a child and parents can help save the future of coming generation. We also require developing mental and drug rehabilitation and end the shame in going into one. These centers can help young people from being wasted and devastated.  Every life is precious and we must save our youth as our leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah has considered youth as the backbone of a state.