Youth interested in Beautician Courses: SBP

Various technical and vocational training centers offers range of training programs but according to a study, Beautician courses are most popular among the youth in Pakistan. The basic purpose of these training courses is to acquire and learn new skills, however, some of the individuals are not in a good enough financial position to carry out their routine study, hence, they enroll themselves in these programs for securing a professional career. A research report completed by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) stated that most of the youth in Pakistan that enroll in these courses wants to choose a professional career. Furthermore, the highest number of enrolment is being observed in beautician courses.

The other training programs in which majority of the students enrolled were computer applications (12%), tailoring (11.5%), information technology (6%) and electrical diploma (5.3%). Whereas, majority of youth enrolled themselves in beautician courses (15%). The research report was conducted by SBP for the purpose of examining issues and challenges in productivity enhancement of the youth. Another interesting fact is that these beautician courses are being carried out in a formal and informal manner as well. Some of the training institutes offer it for a duration of 3 months to 6 months, whereas, the middle to high class beauty parlors run it for a minimum duration of at least 1 year. Training centers or institutes offer a certificate at least but beauty parlors guarantee a job.

One of the most fruitful thing of these courses is that they are approximately 90% practical learning with giving self-employment opportunities to most of the students. Trained beauticians not only are able to secure good jobs but they also provide their services from their home by using an online platform. The study was unable to give a breakup of the gender but the trend of male salons is also increasing with every passing month. It is a well-established fact that now all individuals need salon / parlor services while going to an event or ceremony, hence, it has become a basic necessity which has helped this sector to grow phenomenally. Despite of all the issues in Pakistan’s vocational and technical education programs, a huge number of individuals enroll themselves into these courses.

There is a need for all stakeholders including government, industries and these training centers to enhance their services for meeting the requirements of current and future labor. The potential of these institutes is such that they can attract all the unemployed people and give them a hope of successful professional careers. Currently, there are 3,500 + institutes in the country with capacity of 170,000 students and to add into that, Pakistan’s 3.8 Million people are unemployed which can be facilitated through these centers. Let us all wait and see what happens to these technical and vocational training centers, till then we shall wish best of luck to these institutes for carrying out their work in an effective manner.

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