Why So Depressed?

Depression is no longer a rarely heard term but it is one of the most common things we confront and hear about. The patterns of the life we live can be one of the main reasons behind the depression however, we cannot to be certain about the real reasons which cause the depression. The word is easy to hear but the phenomenon is very complex and people experiencing depression is beyond the empathy and understanding of mentally healthy individual.

Why depression concerns the entire analyst is because of its long standing and damaging implications on the society and specially the youth. Recently, the news of a young medical student’s suicide startled me at once. The reasons behind the suicide of the apparently healthy young boy is left as a mystery as he is no longer here to tell us what went through his mind before taking the drastic decision. The trend although is catching fire and news are coming in every once a while.

The issues regarding the mental health are dealt poorly in our country which further escalates the situations. The mental disorders have direct connection with our day to day routine and life style. The following tips can help you deal with grave mental disorders such as depression. However, it is highly recommended to see the counselor or a psychologist.

  1. Stay Healthy

The mental health is much connected with the physical health. The overall well being of a person prevents biological and psychological disorders to pose direct effects. The healthy food items play crucial role in the development of healthy being. The current life style is on the high speed where the young individuals do not care about taking proper meals at all. The lack of proper nutrition causes the chemical imbalances.

The chemical imbalances are one of the reasons of psychological disorders. The medical researchers have also indicated the lack of compulsory vitamins such as vitamin D leads to agitated behavior and sadness without any apparent causes. So then we must take proper meals on the time.

  • The Daily Exercises

Every doctor and expert advices the patients and other healthy people to do daily exercises. The daily workout not only maintains the weight of body but it also helps to burn the negative energy from the body. The people inclined to physical workout and daily exercises are less likely to get sick. The daily workout also helps to keep the brain and heart working properly.

Exercises help the blood to flow throughout the body. The blood circulation in brain keeps it healthy and safe from the dangers of psychological disorders. However, the phenomenon cannot be generalized but it is always better to prevent illness through healthy life style.

  • Express it

One of the most complex issues regarding depression is not being able to express the feelings. We as the society must learn to respect each other’s feeling and do not make fun of what others are going through. Talking to someone about the situation helps to fight with disorders such as depression. Here it is best to consult a doctor or a counselor. Besides find the ways to express your feelings. If you are not comfortable in sharing your thoughts with someone then you can write a diary. Writing daily diary also helps to get free from the burden of thoughts. However, the painting, drawing and other works of art also help to express the feelings.

We as society need to understand the importance of mental health. Every mind works in unique pattern and we do not know which words last what impact on others so we must be very careful not to hurt or harm others intentionally and unintentionally. The internet trolling and body shaming has also left many people in grave depression and we need to understand severity of the time. It is better not to criticize others on the academic or overall performance as everyone is under the process of continuous struggle.

It is well said “if you cannot be the eraser to erase people’s problems do not be the pencil to  write one for them” let’s be sensitive towards each other and take our responsibility.