Turkish Scholarships Programme

By Mahjabeen Malik

Turkey is considered to be a  beautiful country for her rich culture and historical background. The life style of Turkey is also very unique and distinguished from the world. Particularly, Mustafa Kamal focused his attention on the development of education sector and he made it easy access for every individual.

Now Turkey is  offering fully funded government scholarships to the international students around the world. The country has opened its ways for the students to pursue their goals of achieving higher degree from the prestigious universities of Turkey. It is a golden opportunity to avail for the aspirant alumnus. No doubt it will be very fruitful for the brilliant students. I would like to add a specific information about Turkish scholarship, it is that students do not need to have diploma in IELTS.

International alumnus who want to chase their goal of graduate, post-graduate, MPhil or PhD degree are eligible to apply for the Turkey scholarships. The objective behind offering scholarships is to bring the youth of various countries on the same ground, so that they could share the cultural and social values of their countries with others. Turkey’s aim is to promote various cultures of around the world. To comply with the aim Turkish government offers scholarships for educational trips to boost up the students’ knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, brilliant and exuberant students are offered some special stimulus awards  to further higher study plan at the honorary universities of Turkey.

Blessing Of Turkey Scholarships for international students

This scholarship is a real blessing for international students, like many other countries Turkey also offers fully funded scholarships which cover almost all expenses of the students including free accommodation, food, health-care facilities, travel expense, tuition fee, syllabus books etc.

Accommodation Expense: A free accommodation is offered to all the students without any discrimination. The universities provide best accommodation “hostels” to the students without charging any cost. If some students want to live in a separate building outside the university, in that case university will not pay for their accommodation.

No tuition fees: Full tuition fee is free. Students do not have to pay any worth for tuition fee.

Health expense: Public health-care centers covers the health expenses of the students. Students do not have to be bothered for the health expenses as the Turkish Scholarships covers medicines fully.

Travel Expenses: Most of the scholarships do not cover travel expenses but it is the Turkish scholarship that covers travel expenses. Those are the luckiest international students who avail the opportunity of getting the Turkey scholarships. Two tickets are awarded to the students, one for arrival and other for departure. If a student buys his ticket on his own expense, he can claim the money later on.

Necessity of  Language Course for Turkish Scholarships

Living in Turkey, it is necessary for the students to learn Turkish Language. Language is a best tool of communication, so all students must have to attend language learning course.

The eligibility to apply for Turkish Scholarships

The students from all over the world are invited to apply for the Turkish scholarship but with some restrictions of age limit and grades in their exam. For example :

The maximum age for undergraduate must not be more than 23 years old.

For Master’s degree age must be more than 30 years old.

For PhD’s programme the candidate must not be more than 45 years old.

Marks required for the application of the Turkish scholarships are

For  an undergraduate program 70% marks 

For  Ph.D. and Masters 75% marks 

For the  Medical School programs 90% marks a

The candidates having Turkish citizenship  are not eligible to apply for the program.

Alumnus, already registered in Turkey are ineligible to apply for the Scholarship.

The selected candidates must present their documents if they are asked otherwise they will not be considered.

Online Application Process of Turkish Scholarship

You can apply online for the Turkish Scholarship. Every year applications are submitted in the month of February.

Turkish International Scholarship Programme 2019/2020

Turkish Government is inviting applications from the eligible brilliant aspirants who are eager to pursue higher study programme. A fully funded scholarship will be awarded to deserving genius students. Date of submission for application form will be from 15 January to 20 February. If you consider yourself eligible to apply for the scholarship, you must apply through website  www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr.

You must submit application forms with all relevant documents to The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development or Government Headquarters Roseau Dominica.

The last date for receipt of application is February 28, 2019.

Applicants should chose the field of study that is related to the National Priority Areas of Training.

Public Officers can apply through their Heads of Department.