Top 5 NGOs Scholarships in Pakistan

By Mahjabeen Malik

 Scholarships Provided by NGOs in Pakistan 

The prior objective of international scholarships is to provide facility to learners or alumnus to track their goals of higher studies. As everyone knows that scholarships are not a repayable loan; students would not have to return the money after having accomplished their studies. Scholarships are a special gift of the students, it is a stimulus-reward of the students for continuing with higher studies. 

 Scholarships awarded by NGOs

All NGOs are also performing a similar act of goodness to support the students on an academic basis.  There are some scholarships that support the students a fully funded aid whereas some other offer only tuition fee, they do not cover medical, residential and food expenses. As it is obvious that without a higher class degree, one cannot be a good fortune to get a reasonable job thus degree has become a tool of getting a good job. The most important thing to be remembered is that not only need students to deserve scholarship but also the students hailing from well-off families. The money paid by a scholarship to students is non-refundable. Students will never have to return the money which he gets through scholarship. In Pakistan, many humanitarian are boosting the passion of students for higher studies. Following are the most prominent names of NGOs that are providing a financial grant and scholarships to assist academically to the students.

  1. Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation
  2. Peef
  3. Akhuwat
  4. Diya Pakistan Foundation
  5. Alfalah Scholarship
  1.  Karwan-E-Ilm-Foundation   is serving the nation since 2003. It was established by the most honorary magazine” Urdu Digest” Lahore. It is serving the resource fewer students with the assistance of prestigious and humanitarian figures of Pakistan.  Mr. M A Zafar, Aijaz Qureshi, Mr. Ahsaan Ullah Waqas, Mr .Altaf Hassan Qureshi, Mr. Mujeeb ur Rahman Shami, Mr Ayub Sabir Izhar, Mr Nadeem Shafique, Mr Khalid Irshad Sufi and others.    Karwan-elm-Foundation offers scholarships to poor and intelligent aspirants to continue with their dream of higher studies. Kawran-elm-foundation believes in the progress of nation which is only possible through the spread of education. People of Pakistan awards donations in the form of Zakat, sadqat to help the KIF in this noble cause. Donations can be submitted through online banking branch of the foundation. The new application form for the scholarships will be entertained in September 2019. So remain vigilant and alert if you are aspirant to apply for the scholarship of KIF.

Address: Karwan-Ilm-Foundation

                Kashmir Block # 67, Hafiz Taib Road Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.


Contact:  92-321-8461122 / 04

2. PEEF.  The PEEF, The Punjab endowment education funds were established in 2008 under the supervision of ex-prime minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif. The prime objective of this foundation is to provide scholarships to deserving and brilliant students who want to fulfil their dreams of pursuing higher education but due to lack of resources they have to quit their ambitions. The PEEF provides the aid at the doorsteps of the deserving students.

Address: The Punjab Education Endowment Fund:

                              Asif Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.


Contact: 042-99260051

  • Akhuwat Foundation  is the largest Microfinance Islamic foundation of the world. It was established in 2001 since then the foundation is working for poor people by aiding them interest-free loan to establish their own business. The main purpose of the foundation is to eradicate the menace of poverty from the society. It has been registered with the government of Punjab and Pakistan’s philanthropist centres. Many philanthropists are awarding help to manage that humanitarian foundation Akhuwat. Akhuwat is not only providing interest- free loan to poor people to run their own business but it also gives training to unskilled people start any of the business so that they could earn their livelihood.

Address:  19 Civic Centre, Sector A/2 Commercial Area, Township, Lahore.


Contact:   042-111448464

4.Diya Pakistan foundation: This foundation is a charitable organization which is serving the unprivileged students to make them enable for chasing their academic ambition. Diya’s foundation was laid in 2010 with the specific intention of providing scholarships to Pakistani talented and deserving students. The eligibility criteria of applying for the scholarship is, the students must have Pakistani nationality with an excellent academic record and must be enrolled in any government recognized institute. They offer scholarships to the aspirants from Intermediate to Master level and MPhil. Students can apply through the email address.

Address: Hassan Street Defence Road, New Lalazar, Rawalpindi.


Contact: 0300-5322592

   Alfalah Scholarships This is one of the most prestigious organizations which has been rendering services to the deserving and stupendous students by awarding them scholarships since 1998. All talented and deserving students from Intermediate to master level, hailing from Pakistan are eligible to apply for the scholarships. However, students from non-government institutes, Allama Iqbal Open University and Virtual University, and studying abroad are ineligible. Alfalah doesn’t offer scholarships for PhD, MPhil, LLM, Religious and Cultural studies. The prime solely objective of the foundation is to save the talent of the country as unprivileged brilliant youth cannot pursue academic ambition. Eligibility criteria apply for Alfalah scholarship is, actual deserving, need-based and brilliant students. Students should obtain marks in matric up to 70% and in Inter 60%. Marks for minorities 60% matric and 55% intermediate. If you meet the eligibility criteria, upload the application form, print it out then submit it to your receptive region. Address of all nine regions has been given on the back side of the application form.


Contact: 053-7531630