Tips for Better Spoken English

Our world is spinning and new trends replace old ones but what one think has remained constantly important in all sectors of life. It is the importance of English Language. The skills and talent are the most significant in every field but you must know how to communicate your skill and ability through better language skills. English Language is the most commonly used medium in the educational institutions and workplaces in Pakistan and other countries as well. It is very important to have a good grip on English in order to excel in the desired fields.

Here you are provided with easy tips to get better in English

  1. Starting Thinking in English

The process of learning begins with thinking. It is very important to construct the mental structures in your mind which supports your language skills. We always think before making any decision or plan. Usually we think about things in our mother tongue but to learn the essence of any language you must start thinking in that Language. Now when you are planning your schedule of the day or thinking about the right ingredients for the food think about them in English. Remember no one can judge your thinking as no one can listen to it. The ice of the foreign language melts only when you start thinking in the language to formulate a comfort zone.  You may notice that you can hear yourself when you think about something. Your mind in the process also corrects when you are going wrong so you must start Thinking in English.

2. Create Fluency

It is very important to create fluency you must not take unnecessary pauses while you are speaking. The accuracy of grammar is more relevant when you are writing but do not think about the structure and grammar a lot while you are talking. It is very important to create a moderate speed while you are speaking in English. The Best practice in this regard is that you must select few hours of the day when you strictly follow the rule of only speaking in English.

You can take the help of your friends or siblings to speak more and more in English. If you do not have anyone to talk, then talk to yourself. It might sound funny but it actually helps to create confidence.

3. Be your own companion:

At first it is very difficult to come out and talk in any foreign language with anyone but you have to start at some point. The easiest way to start this is by talking to one’s own self. Create small topics and then talk about the topic to yourself. You can also try to act to be a chef, driver or cleaner or a teacher.  This is a fun way to learn. While you are playing a role you also get to learn what kind of responses you may receive from others when you speak with them.

As the matter of fact, this practice is easy because you have no fear to be judged by anyone while you are talking to yourself. The practice will make you habitual of speaking in English. This Habit will decrease the hesitation of speaking in English. Another important point is that you have the opportunity to listen to yourself so you can correct the words you have difficulty to speak in.

4. The Tongue Twisters

The Twist in the story is the tongue twisters. Do you remember the riddles and tongue twisters from English Books in School? I remember that we had competition of who can say the line more frequently many times. “I saw a sea shell on the sea shore” this line was the most common tongue twister of all time.  It is actually a very good method to create fluency in English so try more complex tongue twisters it also helps you to learn new words in an interesting manner. You can involve your siblings and friends in the activity as well.  So speak more tongue twisters such as “I saw a Saw in Saw with Saw.”

5. Use your Ears Well

God has given us one tongue but two years for a purpose. The purpose here is to listen more than you speak. Listening is the key for the speaking ability. You will only be able to speak English if you have words or if you know how to speak.  For this purpose watch English seasons, series and movies. The English talk shows and News also help you in learning English. Here listening to English songs will also help you in developing understanding for frequent and fluent English. So listen to more and more English if you want to learn it.