The unique logic of the Pakistan Medical Commission came to the fore

In the current year, there is a shortage of admissions in dental colleges, but the PMC proposed to abolish private dental colleges across Pakistan.

According to the details, the unique logic of Pakistan Medical Commission has come to light. Private dental colleges across the country are being considered for abolition due to lack of admission in dental colleges. While it is legally impossible to merge medical and dental, the medical expert called such a move an academic crime.

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The infrastructure and faculty of dental colleges is completely different from that of medical colleges. How will it be possible to integrate dental colleges into medical colleges? Put on

The PMC termed the students’ lack of interest as the reason for low enrollment in the previous dental department while the reason for non-enrollment in BDS was poor policy of PMC. It is proposed to merge dental colleges with medical colleges to hide the inability to be.

In the past, admissions were given in the first government medical and dental colleges across the country. After a break, admissions were made in private sector medical and dental colleges. But last year, public and private medical and dental colleges were admitted at the same time, which resulted in very low enrollment in private dental colleges.

Students used to get admission in BDS in case of non-admission in MBBS. Last year, private sector dental colleges suffered the most as a result of disruption in admissions.

Last year, 840 BDS seats were left vacant in private dental colleges across Pakistan, which cost medical students and colleges a fortune.