The rules for a good precis in CSS and PMS Exams

Precis is a kind of summary or abstract of an article. Speech is summarized in short form covering all-important content described in the written piece of speech or text. It covers large no in CSS and PMS exams as well as in the paper of BA students. A good precis can help the students to gain well marks and improve percentage because this question is comprises of almost 20 marks as a whole. There are some rules to write a good precis of an article are mentioned below.

Drive theme of the article

To clearly present the theme of an article read it thoroughly with full concentration to get keywords and key points. These keywords and concepts behind them will be helpful to write the important aspects of the article in a general way. All the ordinary points should be listed in an order to maintain the theme and concatenation of the article.

Remodeling the sentences

Sentences of the article given to make precise should be understood as a whole so that the writer could convert it into its words. Precis is an art to remodel the actual sentences without losing their logic hidden inside the sentences.

Precision and briefness

Precise is a converted form of a detailed passage containing different detail about a specific theme. The writer needs to convert that large piece of the article into a small piece nearly 3rd portion of the actual article. So there are chances to lose the important details or not to summarize the article in a precise way. Precis should be brief but there should be clear and précised information that was mentioned in the actual topic. Such generalized words should be used that may cover the meaning of sentences through a few words without removing the preciseness.

Logically writing

Style of writing and selection of words depicts the intelligence level of the writer. Concept and logic are preserved in precis with changed words and sentences.


Self-writing is the best practice to make precise best. Use your own words to predict the logic and concept stated in the sentences of the paragraph. Usually from the start to the last topic is the same with different side aspects. So the main theme should not be neglected and the route should be similar from start to end with conclusion preservation.

Indirect Narration

Precise is always written in indirect narration because it is the third person’s point of view that is writing the concept or experience of others into his own words. So according to grammar 3rd person review is written in indirect speech. Write should maximum ignore the direct narration.

No comments or opinions

The use of “should” or “could” or such words may show a comment on the situation or opinion on the scene being described on the paper. It is just the alternative way of presenting the passage with a short passage. So do not comment or personal opinion should be given until it is not required, and this happens mostly never. Or use of such mentioned can only be used when the comments are given inside the passage otherwise personal comments are a deadly mistake in the precis.

The information must be used

There may be information in the passage that cannot be modified or changed like figures, digits, or statistical data. Such data cannot be changed nor be ignored as doing so can lower the quality of precis or may divert it from the original topic. So these values can be used as it is with different descriptive words maintaining the concept.

Third Portion of Original

Precise cannot be more than 3rd portion of the original article. The method to reduce the content is to count words and make the mind write one-third of that. Make segments of the concepts used in the original passage and give them a ratio according to the sentences used on that aspect of the passage. A good precise can cover all concepts within one-third of the paragraph.

Practice makes perfect

Everything is new and difficult until or unless it is not practiced. It is famous that practice makes perfect, so perfection can be achieved in precise making by doing practice at least once a day and till a minimum of one month.

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