The oldest universities in Pakistan

There are nearly 190 universities in Pakistan at the time of writing covering all provinces. But 72 years ago when partition took place there were only a few universities present of old times. This question always keeps on ticking in mind that which were these universities and what is their significance now. So here we have extracted the information about the universities according to their date of establishment.

  1. King Edward Medical University (1860)
    The most enchanting distinction of KEMU over the rest of the universities is that it is the oldest university established in 1860. Not only was this, at the time of partition KEMU the only medical University in Pakistan raised many top-notch medical students. These students are now serving the nation and many of them are now serving outside Pakistan as bright faces. Even after passing 160 years of success, KEMU is still enough strong that it can work for a long to raise stellar medical students.
  2. Government College University (1864)
    Government College University, charm, and dream of students, with fascinating European structure of the building, adorable for students. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Dr. Abdul Salam are the gift legends of this university. Many more others, living legends were the part of this university and it will keep on raising many other heroes of the future. Its students are competent both in science and arts.
  3. Forman Christian College (1864)
    Initially, this college was named Mission College in 1864 but later on, its name was changed to FC College i.e. Forman Christian College. it is among the old institutions providing higher education in the region at the time of partition, it was affiliated with Punjab University but later on, in the era of General Pervaiz Musharaf, it was given the honour of independent institution. In 2004 it was independent to provide the degree for higher studies.
  4. National College of Arts (1875)
    National College of Arts, mostly called NCA is popular among those who want to go for film, TV, drama, music, crafts, art, and artist. With its ancient history, it has great importance in Asia and Top ranked college of arts in Pakistan. Students in Pakistan who want to set their career in Arts, wish to join NCA. Its old name is Mayo school of industrial Arts later changed to NCA in 1958. Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar, Imran Abbass, Faisal Qureshi, Ayesha Omer, Ammar Aziz, and many other famous faces are associated with its alumni group.
  5. Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (1881)
    This university is matchless due to its services provided from its eve to till now. Right now, this university is providing almost all the major subjects related to the medical and issuing medical degree to students. It is providing top-notch students in every segment of medical. It is one of the oldest and best universities regarding medical education.
  6. University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (1882)
    This university is well renowned in veterinary science and Animal sciences because of its ancient history as well as it is among the top veterinary universities of Asia. It is providing veterinary doctors all across Pakistan with its sub-campuses in different cities while the main campus is in Lahore. Initially, UVAS was a college but after its remarkable services, it became an independent degree-awarding university in 2002.
  7. University of the Punjab (1882)
    There is no equal to PU in the region due to multiple reasons. It is one of those old universities awarding degrees to millions of students countrywide. It is the widest university in the subcontinent with nearly 63 departments in every field. Each field provides a no of programs. Consequently, you just think about a program, most probably you will find it in PU. It has its campuses in Jhelum, khanuspur and Gujranwala. PU has the largest libraries in Pakistan having millions of books and all recorded old newspapers. In Lahore, it has two campuses commonly named as New Campus (Quaid e Azam campus) and Old Campus (near Anarkali Main Campus). Even being so huge its response to students and systematic approach is also adorable.
  8. Sindh Madressatul Islam University (1885)
    Its history is as old as the country is. It was established by Hassan Ali Effendi in Sindh as School initially. Later on due to its extraordinary popularity it became a college. Students already know that our beloved Quaid, Muhammad Ali Jinnah has got his early education from this institution. After its remarkable services, this college was designated as University and now it is serving in almost all disciplines science, Arts, Commerce, etc.
  9. The University of Agriculture (1906)
    After its research work, this university is in the top five universities of Pakistan. It was established in 1906 in Faisalabad, Punjab. At the time when it was founded the subcontinent was rich in crops and agriculture so this institution got highly marked importance. Over the years, this university is emerging as a highly educated scholars providing institution every year.
  10. Islamia College University (1913)
    Islamia College University is located in Peshawar. This is also more than 100 years old and serving for the education of the country. Being rich in cultural norms, this is preserving the culture and tradition of Islam and preparing scholars for the coming days.