The Most Power States of The World

The power of any state is measured through it’s economic, political, defense development however, the innovations and technological development also mark the power of any state. The power of the state now has an added element which is the media industry which includes information and entertainment. The drama and film industry also contributes in the strength of a state. The power position in the world is ever changing. According to recent dynamics of the world let’s learn about 5 most powerful states of the world.

  1. The United States of America

US had the benefit of isolation before and during the first great world war and it practically did not even participated in World War II. This has saved United States from losing the capital and man power in the struggle of winning the power of the world. US never directly participated in the great wars yet it ended the war by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. United States quickly become the power contender after the world wars and become the only super power after defeating Soviet Union in the Cold War of ideologies.

United States has one of the largest territories of the world with most number of states. It has 52 states. US have become one of the most powerful states due to its most developed military power. The Hollywood industry also has a great contribution in the capital generation of the state. It is a staunch member of World Trade Organization and United National Organization. Currently Donald Trump is the president of USA.

  • Russia

Russia is one of the leading states of World War I and World War II. Russia formally known as  Soviet Union was the largest federation  of the world but it was divided into several  small central asian states after the decline in ideological war with United States. The conflict is commonly known as Cold war. Russia has very long stretched history with several ideological shifts including the famous Russian Revolution.

Russia until now has one of the largest territories. The unmatchable military strength and storage makes it even more powerful state. Russia follows the communism and it has its own unique model of government. The country is very powerful due to the largest natural gas and oil reserves. Russia is also the prominent power in the Unites Nations Organization. Currently Russia is under the rule of Vladimir Putin.

  • China

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. China has experienced a great number of wars and territorial conflicts. It has an extensive history of transitions in the state systems. The Chinese revolution is much famous in this regard. China is considered as powerful state of the world due to its rapid economic development. It is the fastest growing economy of the world especially in the last 3 decades it has marked the highest level of development.

China has also gained power through its initiative of Silk Road. China is investing in developing ports in various countries to support its trade route. However, the ports also facilitate China in the military purposes.  India has claimed that these ports are established to surround India and harm it strategically. This issue is famous as String of Pearls. Gwader Port is also part of the Silk Road. Chinese Military has also developed extensive in the last few decades. Moreover, China has the largest population of the world thus it also has the largest Military of the world as well. Xi Jinping is the Premiere of the country. It is moving towards the path to become the super power of the world.

  • Germany

Germany is famous for many reasons in the History. It is one of the most industrialized countries of the world.  Germany has a great history   in context of politics and arts. The country has experienced one of the worst and horrible political trends. Germany rose to prominence at World War I and became renowned as the world aggressor. The brutal politics of Adolf Hitler resulted in the cruelest incidences of the world. The Holocaust of jews in Germany put the state in Negative Spot light.

Germany is now one of the 5 permanent states of United Nations Organization. It is also a significant member of European Union. Germany falls under the top 10 economies of the world. It has the honor of having the most educated and skilled population of the world.  Germany is also powerful due to its membership with NATO. It is currently headed by Angela Merkel the chancellor of Germany.