The leave of inexperienced teachers, the claims of the Minister of Education remained unsubstantiated

The claims of the provincial education minister remained unsubstantiated. Despite the passage of one year, the establishment of Insaf Online Academy could not be implemented.

Despite several deadlines set by provincial education minister Murad Ross, the Justice Online Academy for Students could not be set up. Children will not have access to justice academy even in the new academic year. One year later, the online academy could not be established.

According to sources, recorded lectures of teachers were to be made available online for students in Insaf Academy. Test facilities were also to be provided to the students at Insaf Academy. The purpose of setting up Insaf Academy was to discharge inexperienced teachers from private academies.

It should be noted that a year ago, the provincial education minister Murad Rass had announced to set up a justice academy.

On the other hand, Punjab Textbook Board has not yet published new curriculum for government schools under uniform national curriculum. Due to non-publication of curriculum for new academic year, students will not be able to get books before summer vacation. More than 3 million books are needed for more children.

Teachers say that in a short span of two months, it will not be possible for textbooks to publish such a large number of books. Due to non-publication of books, millions of students will not be able to get summer vacation homework.