The Importance of Negotiation

Life is a commitment and it’s about making promises and keeping them. We make promises to our wives, husbands, children, friends, extended family and in business we make commitment by showing how we do business and how we treat those with whom we do our business. It is a common perception that if you are a good negotiator you get benefit all for yourself, whereas I look at it as even if you reach the highest peak of success if you’ll move forward with this approach you’ll be very lonely there, because you always thought about yourself only.

There are tactful strategies that one can use to negotiate through life. Be willing to negotiate with open mind and heart. If you’ll go for a negotiation hot headedly or with “you way or the highway” approach then you’ll never be able to exchange the point of views properly. Sometimes there’s a 50-50 situation or win-win situation for both the parties, success is not only in always winning. Just like you want your benefit other party wants their benefit, so always understand the give and take situation and move according to the flow. If you feel that you’re being bullied or under an immense pressure, it’s okay to take sometimes and give a thought to it and even defer authority.
Some people think they’re being cheated or manipulated, don’t leave people feel that way. Negotiate in a way that it leaves both parties satisfied. Peter gave important tips to his readers to keep in mind while negotiating. Tips include making notes of important points, think about how other party will possibly respond, be specific and stick to your point, stay focused and listen to the other party what it has to say.

Always take your time to negotiate you should be thoroughly prepared before opening your mouth. Always be patient and never disrespect others. After all, how you communication always determines what you get.

While dealing with difficult people, we need to keep our cool. There are people who are called “Tyrants and dictators” they are always brutally critical and they always bully everyone around them. “Superstars and Power Junkies” who like the attention and they can’t see other people succeed or come in the spotlight.

“Know-it-all” they pose themselves as the people who know everything and they force other people to listen to them, when they are proven wrong, they get offended or defensive. Just like these people there are complainers, people who like to gossip and under miners. Knowing how to deal with difficult people can make the environment better.

There are some people who behave in a hurtful or negative way intentionally, and some people seem difficult because we either don’t fully understand them or their point of view. In order to deal with difficult people in anyway first take the “difficult” label off. Try to be firm and friendly. Through communication, cooperation, collaboration and compromise difference can be made and anyone can get along with almost anybody. You can’t expect difficult people to change, but you can always control yourself. Understand that it’s okay to disagree. The important thing is to respect each other’s differences. Always be patient and never lose temper. Peter writes that no matter what kind of a person you’re dealing with all you have to do is follow the four C’s: Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration and Compromise.

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