The Importance of Extra Curricular Activities

The students are enrolled in the educational institutions for the overall personality development. These institutions are not only responsible for the introducing the students to the new knowledge and subject areas but also develop valuable skill in them. The skills although are not only limited to reading and writing. There is a vast variety of skills that a student learns through the extracurricular activities. Here it is important to mention that the curricular activities and studies are also utterly important for the students. These two sets of knowledge are not contrary or against each other but both curricular studies and extracurricular activities support each other’s development,

The Educational System of Pakistan needs to find the right balance where they can manage the appropriate time in skill building activities and the studies. It is commonly seen that some students are brilliant in studies yet they struggle to excel in the practical life. The issue is evident because you need more than just degrees in the competition of practical life. The extracurricular studies help the development in several ways such as

  1.  Better Time Management:

The world outside is multitasking, one person cannot get fixed to do one particular thing in the whole day but it has to manage various tasks altogether. The extracurricular activities help to establish the time Management to the students. Now when a person adds new activities in the routine it is quite evident that he will have to allot certain amount of time to it as well. So the extracurricular activities help in developing better time management skills.

2. New Skills development:

The extracurricular activities include sports, debates, socializing etc. Remember that the books cannot teach you everything. The outside world is the biggest university of the world because it allows you to learn something new every day. Here the ability of problem solving cannot be learnt through the books but the sports activities develop the conflict resolution ability in a person.  Similarly, the human dealing is very important skill which can only be learnt through socializing.

The world out there is filled with lessons and people with greater exposure of the world are always better in understanding the practical life so the students especially the high school students must take time to go out and indulge in other activities.

3. Better Opportunities:

The opportunities will not come to your door step to knock and deliver them but you have to reach them. The social interaction platforms such as workshops and seminars and festivals have great scope of new opportunities. The social interactions allow your talents to be delivered amongst others. People start to recognize you for your set of abilities. These relations and personal terms help a person to grow throughout the life.

4. Personality Grooming:

Every Employment opportunity has an interview before you can the work place  except for few. So If only studies are important why there is not only written  tests for being eligible for jobs ?

The answer is that you are not 100% capable if your personality is not convincing enough for the job.  Remember that you cannot live or work in Isolation. The extracurricular activities help you in grooming the overall personality. You get to learn how you are suppose to talk and dress up in which kind of gathering. It also develops the confidence in dealing with other people around. Go out and I am sure every time you indulge in an extracurricular activity you will learn something out of it.

5.Better Academic performance

Investing time and energy is also beneficial in up lighting your grades in the studies. It is a wrong perception that extracurricular activities waste the valuable time. As the matter of fact the involvement in activities you are passionate about such as playing games. Learning music etc helps your brain to function better.

The improved mental functioning helps to concentrate better in studies. The sports also help in the stamina development. Here the mental and physical stamina both are very important. The sports activities help to increase both so you do not get mentally and physically tired while you are studying.  It also helps to learn how to manage extreme difficult times not the mental pressures.

Having said all the benefits of the extracurricular activities it is very important to learn to create right balance in them. You must not indulge all of your time in these activities. Remember that balanced life is the best life so concentrate on your studies well but also manage time for other activities in life.