The Importance of Education

By Mahjabeen Malik

Education plays a vital role in our lives. Education is a key to success. No one can progress without education. Nations have made progress with the help of education.  Through education we learn about the world around us. A person can get knowledge with good education, thus he/she can easily face the music of life and resolves the problems confidently. Educationis the only tool which enables us to share our feelings, thoughts and ideas.Through good education people can get good jobs and earn better salaries. Thus they can easily improve their living standard.

But I would like to say that people should not get education for getting a job only, they should get education for knowledge’s sake as knowledge polishes our personality by removing negative thoughts from our minds. It helps us to enhance our character.It prohibits us to do something wrong or commit any sin; particularly seven deadly sins such as (jealousy, envy, lechery, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath and pride ).Knowledge is a greater power ; every individual must equip with knowledge. Knowledge is also necessary for female empowerment. By profession I am an English teacher and I always suggest my students to get more and more Education. They should never stop their studies if they want to become respectable figure of the society. Along with that I always keep on guiding hem on moral grounds. I ask them to get education but never be disobedient to their parents and avoid committing any sin if they want real success and respect in life.

Regretfully, I am sharing the story of my educated house maid, Miss Abida who had been serving as a PTC teacher in government sector but she was dismissed from her honourable job when government of Pakistan appointed B.Ed. teachers in replacement of PTC teachers in all Primary level schools. I thought if Miss Abida kept her studies continue with her job, she would never have had to face the music of life. I really feel sorry for her plight. Now she is in her sixties and a widow having no children.

The actual reason behind it is that most of the people stop studying whenever they get government job. They don’t consider it necessary to keep abreast of knowledge. They do not bother to learn skills for better performance.

Unfortunately the literacy rate in Pakistan is very low than other countries. The literacy rate of Pakistan has dwindled from 60% to 58% according to a survey. Particularly in northern areas the literacy rate is very low. There are very few schools and colleges and their condition is pathetic.

It is a great need of time to focus the attention on education. Our government can increase literacy rate by spending more amount of funds on education. Government should take special measures to meet the problems in education sectors because it is an admitted reality that without education, we, as a nation, cannot progress. To become a developed and independent nation our young generation should get education.Instead of wasting their time on face book / mobile, they should give priority to their education.