The Famous Four Writers of Urdu Literature

Urdu Literature is very vast and extensive. The covers all the aspects of human life, reality, fiction, comedy, satire etc. the vast variety and genres in the Urdu literature has captured the attention of millions of people living in Pakistan and it has also reached across the borders of Pakistan. This beautiful variety only present due to the fantastic writers who have contributed in the addition of amazing work. The writers if Urdu includes people while different lenses to perceive the world.

The literature has introduced by with satire, spirituality, romance, fiction, rational, empathy etc. the writers range from Mirza Ghalib to Allama Muhammad Iqbal, from Ashfaq Ahmed to Manto, from Bano Qudsia toParveen Shakir. The pros and poems of the famous writers have helped to create better imagination and understanding of the world and human emotions.

The master pieces of these writers have astonished the world. Let’s cherish some of the famous fantastic writers of Urdu Literature.

  • Bano Qudsia

The name of the famous writer demands no introduction. Bano Qudsia is one of the most known names in the Urdu Literature. Bano Qudsia was famously known as Bano Aapa. The credible was gifted with the art of emoting the real human sensations and emotions beautifully. She had experienced the life and change before and after the independence of Pakistan which had further broadened the mental horizon for her and she connected more with the people and tragedies.

Bano Qudsia started writing short stories at a very young age. She wrote her first story in class 5th . She has received respect and honor for most of her writing but she is most famous for her novel Raja Gidh. The novel is a gem on its own and it is highly appreciated work of  Bano Aapa. She has written several novels, stories and scripts for the Television programs. She has also written the biography of Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed as she had witnessed the life of the man up close after getting married with him.

  • Ashfaq Ahmad

The Urdu Literature cannot be justified without the mention of the man who changed the paradigm of writing and rationale. Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad is a well renowned and highly known personality all around Pakistan and in the community living in abroad. He is famous for empathizing with the social and common characters mostly people  do not bother about.

Ashfaq Ahmed wrote novels, stories and scripts.  The short stories of Ashfaq Ahmad received the great attention and he became famous for his unique style of writing and simplicity. Mr. Ashfaq also shared the spirituality and introduced people with reason and rational. The short stories he wrote always had a surprising element which became the main attraction for the people. He also became famous for his interviews and television programs where he shared his views. He was also gifted with Sitara e Imtiaz for his efforts.

  •   Ibn e Insha

Urdu Literature was gifted with a new style of writing by Ibn e Insha. He himself is no less than a gem for the literature. The writings of Ibn e Insha had not only provided a reason for people to laugh but he induced a thought process in the people which his words. The satire is not used better by anyone but Ibn e Insha.  The birth name of Ibn e Insha was Sher Muhammad Khan.

He has written several stories, pros and poems but this poetry has managed to grab the most attention of the people worldwide. He is known as the master of humor and satire. He has targeted many ideas, situations and persons in these famous poetries. Ibn e Insha has also worked as a columnist in the newspaper and wrote travelogues as well.

  • Qudrat Ullah Shahab

He is best known for his autobiography named as “Shahab Nama”. Qudrat Ullah Shahab was very spiritual and mystic personality. He remained very close to the governmental affairs throughout his life. He is the only writer to who has served with three heads of the state as Principal Secretary. Qudrat Ullah is the only civil servant to write about the struggles Pakistani government faced after the independence of the state.

The famous writer received much appreciation for humor and satire. The Shahab Nama actually became more famous after the demise of the great writer. Qudrat Ullah Shahab was much inspired from the works of Ibn e Insha.