The dilemma of Every Student

The world in evolving in every passing day new trends have replaced the old ones, new issues are added to the old ones. The academics have followed the same patrons as multiple new fields and areas of education are introduced in every academic year. The need for the professions and professionals is similarly under the process of evolution. The dilemma of students starts when they have to choose one field for their career.

The student’s have the baggage of their parents desires their fantasies and suggestions of the teachers. The heavy load of the baggage makes it very difficult for the student to reach a final decision. Mostly the student does not consider what their capability is but take decisions in haste. The hasty decisions are the result of multiple pressures over the students. The result of wrong career choices has led our whole society into unprofessional attitude of the people working in every sector of society.  People are working just for the sake of earning money rather than wanting to do it.  

Career Counseling must start from school level so that the students can start to discover their potentials and interests rather than roughly relaying on teachers advices. Career Counseling by the professionals in the schools will set a better ground for the children. It will start preparing them for the future challenges and endeavors. School is the best place for skill development and creating stronger conviction in students about their area of interest. The prepared students when enter in the professional studies have better performance inside out. The conviction will also save students from the frustrations caused by the confusion.

The problem although does not end with enlightening students with their potentials in schools as mostly the final decision is taken by the parents. Sadly our community is still under the influence of colonial mindset where the only respectful professions for students are Medical and Engineering. Parents lack the exposure to the evolution in the academic sector. We must educate the parents of the students to allow them to pursue their own interests given they have the potential and capability to perform in that particular area. The counseling for the parents is most important at this time because it will facilitate both parents and students at once. Schools and Colleges must arrange awareness workshops and seminars which will include both students and parents so that they can mutually open their minds to the new subjects and areas of education.

The students get frustrated with the subjects which are not of their interest which needs to spread of negativity and failure in their lives. The worst outcome of wrong subject is the emergence of unprofessional, frustrated and irritated teachers who fail to deliver anything as a teacher. We need better faculties, teachers and lecturers to educate our youth towards development and progress.  Career counseling is inevitable for the progress of the young generation in right direction so that we can enjoy the work we do rather than just doing it for the sake of money.

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