The Conflict resolution and life management

The conflicts of the life shape our life in its unique ways. The rise and fall in the graph of our lives signals that we are actually alive however, the stability or static pace only denotes death. It is such like an ECG report of a person.

We learn to value life once life teaches us the lesson. It is well said that the importance of light is learned in the deep darkness. The conflicts, however, are helpless to trouble you. The way you manage the conflicts highlights the difference. There is always a good and a bad manner to handle the conflicts in the life.

The need of hour is to understand the difference between reaction and response. We need to respond on the situations we merely react. The response is a larger mechanism where we calculate our moves and resort to use the most appropriate line of action.

All of us learn throughout our lives. None is born with perfect set of skills to deal with the conflicts but it is learnt with the time. Here you are provided with the tips of how to deal with the conflicts and troubles.

  1. Anger Management

Anger is the biggest enemy of a person as it blocks all the logical constructions at once. Mostly we put ourselves in the trouble due to bad anger management. The students and young professionals must have experienced multiple times. The anger however, is one emotion which can be controlled and manipulated. It is a form of enormous energy which must be evacuated in one or other form.

The best way to manage the anger is to take a time off. It is very hard to stay quite but you must escape the situation or remain silent no matter what happens. The silence will allow you to evaluate better response. However, if you feel anxious you must engage in a physical activity such as small walk or any other exercise it will help you exhaust your anger and your brain will start functioning appropriately. It is must to get hold on the anger. The anger management is the solution of 90 percent troubles in your life. You can also relax yourself with religious resorts such as reciting dua or darood which has a psychological calm impact on your mind.

  •  Have a Positive Approach

Positivity is not gifted to anyone but it is learnt with time and practice. Positivity is one of the greatest powers which keeps you filled with energy and enthusiasm. It is very important to have a positive approach and adopt a positive tone.

Many troubles in our life are the result of negative or rude tone. We must work on the adaptation of positive tone. Try to change the straight “NO” into I will try my best or yes we can at least try it. The simple “Yes” can provide you with a better start of the day. It is must to start a conversation with a positive note and tone while you engage in a conversation and especially negations. The negative tone will end up with no results but a new conflict so change your tone from negative to positive. This tactic will help you academics, workplace and overall life.

  • Discuss over debate:

We have started a new practice which has made life a mess. We have learnt to debate over everything in our life. We must learn to differentiate the need of discussion and debate. There is a great difference between debate and discuss. We will be able to resolve the issues if we adopt the tactics to discuss. In the process we must learn to give time to others to give their opinion and point of view. However, in this way the resolutions of the conflicts are managed without aggression and agitation. Although it takes a lot of patience to listen to others but patience is the key of the conflict resolutions in life.

  • The use of “I” over “You”

Do not start your conversations with “you”. When we start the conversation by criticizing others it will never bring the fruitful results. It is better to rather use the alternative approach and start by saying “I” feel or “I” think so that the conversation is taken as a suggestion rather than allegation.  The conversation plays the most important yet tricky role in conflict resolutions. The diplomats of the countries especially learn these tactics to increase their convincing power. We must also be clever to learn how to resolve conflicts wisely.

  • Learn to take Responsibility:

Taking responsibility is important at every stage of life. As students none of your problems can be solved if you keep escaping the responsibility. The responsibility is a very huge concept here. It starts from realizing your role as the student, worker, and professional or as a person in life as well. Realizing your role helps you to be mentally more vigilant towards your tasks, which eradicates the changes of conflicts to occur. However, we all are humans and we make mistakes in the life. It is very important to learn to take responsibility of mistakes as well rather than blaming others. While in a conflict everyone must learn their role in the issue and take the responsibility only then the resolution can be met.