The best diet and fitness influencers on Twitter

      By Mariam Maroof

Living in the era of social media interaction, you must have your account on Twitter; otherwise, you will be deprived of many blessings of life. When you create your account on Twitter, buy Twitter followers for boosting up your account and making it authentic. Initially, Twitter has been serving for people to interact with each other using this platform of social media.

There is a general misconception about social media that you must stay away from social media because many sites and blogs are fake. They are not trustworthy because they are providing the wrong information. So, the people looking for the remedies of weight loss must not go to consult social media on the internet.

According to data of health researchers, the most popular influencers are on Twitter who has been followed by 80,000 followers. Twitter is one of the most popular sites on social media. Twitter has many weight management blogs.

An author Christina Sabbagh explained that he has found that the majority of the blogs could not be considered credible sources of weight management information, as they often presented opinion as fact had failed to meet UK nutritional criteria. He further said that this is strongly fatal because these blogs reach such a vast audience.

Twitter is the best platform for social media where you can find some important tips about health and fitness. Unfortunately, many accounts are spammy or dead but you can find real and authentic Twitter’s accounts to follow that must be followed in the field of nutrition, health, and fitness.

If you want an improvement in your health, fitness and wellness then you must follow these accounts, you will obtain something interesting and beneficial.

The Development of Twitter

Twitter has made great progress from the days of its emergence. Though it was only a source of communication and interaction, it changed its objectives drastically. Twitter has become a source of instant news and information in the age of social media.

Twitter is quick to share any breaking news before any other site on the internet. As Twitter has its limited characters about 140, your tweets must be to the point in brief and concise words. Lovers of celebrities, actors, singer, players and politicians get an instant update from Twitter about them.

Fitness and Nutrition on Twitter

If you are interested to change your lifestyle in fitness, nutrition and health, Twitter is the best social media platform to assist you in this regard. On Twitter, you can follow the top 10 fitness and nutrition experts. The list of these experts is as under:


  1. Daily Fitness Tips

This account posts millions of tweets in bulk consisting of diet, fitness and health information. They also give links about things such as the names of the best restaurant meals with mandatory information on various styles of workouts and exercise.


  1.  Food Babe 

A writer and food activist Van Hari Aka has deeply described in her book and on Twitter by uncovering the facts about food that you eat in your daily life routine. She did a great job of eliminating dyes from macaroni and cheese.  Through tweets, she has exposed many amazing facts and information about food items and products and what is being used in their manufacturing. She has also revealed the truth about the foods that claim to have specific qualities but they do not possess in real.


  1. Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is the chief of the Primal Blueprint and runs Mark’s Daily Apple. He is one of the managers of the paleo/ancestral eating movement. He always tweets up-to-date and the related information and studies on all things paleo. Mark is in incredible shape and tweets out great recipes that are 100% genuine.


  1. Monica Reinagel

He is a best-selling writer and a nutritionist who is running a very popular nutrition diva podcast. This podcast gives you very quick tips to make a change in your life. Monica tweets very up-to-date information about the topics of nutrition. Monica provides you with very effective and useful information in tweets.


  1. Chris Kresser

Chris Kresser is a well-known writer who believes in a healthy lifestyle. He gives information about healthy lifestyle to people by posting productive tweets. Chris tweets about a vast range of topics particularly about health. That is why he is becoming popular among the people on Twitter.


  1. Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and Nutrition is an account on Twitter that provides a lot of information and healthy tips to people. Although it is hard to practice so many tips, the account provides many tips by uploading motivational images. As you know visual content plays a vital role to motivate people to do something.


  1. Dwayne Johnson

He is well known as The Rock Dwayne Johnson. If you want to become smart and strengthen yourself, you must follow him. He is a true motivational figure who keeps on tweeting pictures of his supreme workouts with great motivational quotes and encouragement. You must follow The Rock if you are keenly interested in improving your physical fitness.


  1. Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf is another leader of the paleo movement. He is a researcher of biochemist and a best-selling writer of the New York Times. He tweets many recipes, information and success stories of paleo.


  1. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has been working as a driving force in various countries behind the food movement. He has intended to make people healthier and tried to eliminate junk food from many places especially from schools. He tweets out a lot of healthy recipes.

  1. Cross Fit


This is a very beneficial account that keeps you up-to-date with the popular way of fitness training. This account tweets out various motivational stories and photos including inspirational quotes. You should follow this account if you are keenly interested to develop yourself.


If you want to stay fit and healthy, you require joining Twitter. On Twitter, you can get motivational and inspirational tips and information for yourself.

Many people want to try the military diet but they cannot do so because of the taste that they don’t like. Twitter also provides military diet substitutes.

I would like to recommend you to use Twitter for finding better fitness, diet plan, and a healthier lifestyle.