Students of Lyari University Prepare the World’s Cheapest Digital Stick for Visually Impaired

KARACHI: Students of the Information Technology Department of Lyari University have introduced the world’s cheapest digital stick, making it easier for the visually impaired.

The students have prepared this stick only in the budget of 3000 RS under the supervision of DR Shafique Awan.

This stick is connected to a mobile application.

This stick aware the persons about any hurdles on the way and informs of the direction and path in multiple languages especially in Urdu, English, Sindhi, and Punjabi.

Moreover, the system has a design capacity that any other language can also be installed.

The visually impaired persons can inform their family and friends about their current location by just pressing a single button mounted on the stick.

The students say that they want to commercialize this stick in the market but due to lack of funds, it is difficult to buy equipment to be used in the manufacturing of this stick.

They showed a desire to find any help from Government in this regard.

They have shown strong determination that if they are given the appropriate funds, this stick can be sold in the market just in 1000 RS.