Students get ready Exam dates announced

Punjab Examination Commission has released the date sheet for large scale assessment test, English paper on April 22 and Urdu paper on April 23.

According to the date sheet issued by Pak for primary and middle school examinations, there will be English paper on April 22, Urdu paper on April 23, arithmetic paper on April 25 and science paper on April 26.

On April 27, English and Urdu oral question and answer test will be taken. The test will be taken from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. The test will be taken for fourth, fifth and eighth grade.

It should be noted that Punjab Examination Commission will not issue date sheet for primary and middle school examinations this year. Schools will prepare their own date sheets and conduct examinations.

The pack will only provide item banks from schools for question papers. The school administration will prepare question papers from the item bank. An answer copy of the question papers will also be provided by the pack.

Teachers will be trained for the exams. Out of course preparation of question papers will not be allowed.

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