Six Week Body Transformation Female

By Mahjabeen Malik

     It is common in all-female that they want to look extraordinary smart and active on their wedding day. They want to get smart just within a short period as their wedding day is coming nearer and nearer. Don’t worry we have a plan for 6-week body transformation female.

Don’t bother for having any time for joining any gym or doing exercise and dieting supplements or food. You require following this plan which we have specifically designed for you 6-week body transformation female. There are only three phases that you will have to follow.

First Phase: Adaptation

DeGood said, “These workouts have been formed to get you accustomed to being uncomfortable, increasing your capacity for work and prepping your heart, lungs, and large muscle groups for the demands of the coming weeks”.

In simple words, the first phase is a process to warm up the body before taking any exercise. It also develops habits and changes the routine of daily life by driving out of the comfort zone. Always do 5-10 minutes warm-up like a light jog, jumping jacks, or burpee push-up? Then take one set of each exercise, in order, with very little rest between exercises. After taking rest two to three minutes, start back at the top for the next set. Do at least two full sets of the course repeatedly. If you are not tired and do all this comfortably during the initial week then go forward to phase two without wasting your time. If you are not comfortable doing these steps still then needs to repeat these workouts for a second week.

The Plan for Weeks one to two

Weeks one to two: Day 1

Push-ups, ten reps

Goblet Squats, ten reps

Inverted row, ten reps:

Now hang under a bar with your body straight and fully occupied. Try to pull your chest up to the bar, and then lower back down.

Goblet split squat, ten each side: Perform a split squat while holding a weight in the same position as if you were doing a goblet squat.


Second Phase: Leaning Out

DeGood says, “This phase is all about reducing how much body fat you’re carrying around”. These workouts will help you to reduce 600 to 1,000 calories and increase metabolism. It will help you to reduce your belly fats. Now keep on following these workouts for the next two weeks. 6 Week Body Transformation Female

Phase Three: Lean Mass Building

According to DeGood, the lean mass building is good, old-fashioned bodybuilding. So, you need to spend your time with these workouts and get a new form of your body and stay with rep count. Keep continuing with rep count as recommended by your instructor.

If you are keeping continue the rep counts, start it up until you finish another rep.

DeGood elaborates that these workouts consist of simple sets that you will have to complete before starting another set of exercises.

A thing to remember during these exercises is rest; never forget to take a rest for a while. If you skip your rest period, you will not be able to see the required results.