Seven Most Helpful Websites for Computer Troubleshooting and Tech Support

One of the most irritating things that could happen to anyone these days is his or her computer system to unexpectedly stop working. You know something’s faulty, yet finding out the reason or creating a solution sometimes do not come as well so simple as it seems in the beginning. In such circumstances, you could choose from a number of options. You can find some site with countless links to video clip tutorials on YouTube that provide step-by-step guidelines on computer hardware and software troubleshooting. You can also contact your retailer that will possibly ask you to bring the unit for checkup or repair work. Then, there are third-party IT repair companies that you can contact or call home to repair your machine.

If you have some sort of know how then there is another handy option that will surely be more helpful than the above ones. These are the websites with the practical alternative of self-study on dedicated sites that will certainly instruct you whatever you require to learn about the problem you are facing. As well as the most effective point is that a number of these internet sites use complimentary services.

Below’s a review of the top websites, in indexed order, which can offer you the proper knowledge in computer troubleshooting as well as technical assistance:

The website prides itself as an outstanding source of details, recommendations, and also tutorials on computer software and also equipment, troubleshooting, as well as safety, among others. It has a searchable database of write-ups that is upgraded month-to-month by its stable of routine factors.

Computer Hope

Computer Hope lives up to its name, as checking out the website will certainly never ever provide you with the sensation that you have reached a dead end in your look for support with your computer systems. From its FAQs to fixing tips, a listing of computer system firms, forums, on the internet conversation, as well as email, you’ll find something beneficial for sure.


Contrary to its name, the site caters to both dummies and professionals with detailed instructions and tips, a large collection of articles, and very useful how-to guides for troubleshooting your PC.


If Facebook is for the socially active millennials and silver surfers, GitHub is the platform for software developers coming together to share codes for those in the tech community.

PC Tech Bytes

If you’re feeling rather unsure about asking the most basic of computer problems, this is the go-to site for you. Its forum members will have no problem entertaining all types of questions on their message board.


You can get support from this forum about operating systems, software and hardware, emailing and networking, and many more areas in computer use. The feedback you get is almost instant as countless members of the online site usually monitor the forums.


If you’re encountering issues with your computer hardware and software, including tweaking and operating systems, you can head to TechSpot forums to post your questions. You’ll also have access to computer news, reviews, and driver downloads.

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