Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Canada

Are you waiting for scholarships in Canada?

Now the wait is over. Canada has opened admission for international students and is offering scholarships to competent and brilliant students around the world. Students can easily apply for the scholarships in all Canadian Universities and graduate schools.

The pioneering undergraduate, graduate and research programs in top-ranked universities are plausibly charging for tuition fees and economical cost of living. As compared to other countries, it is economical studying in Canada. Canada’s 13 provinces and areas reside 98 universities, all educational institutes are equipped with the modern academic atmosphere.

During 2018-2019 the list of scholarship programs in Canada for Pakistani students was limited but this year 2019- 2020 Canada has offered plenty of scholarships for Pakistani students.

Although these scholarships are for brilliant students, they are also given to needy and destitute students to continue their studies.


Tuition Expenses for Canadian Education:

Tuition fees for Canadian institutions diverge as it depends upon the course and institution. On average, a student needs to pay at least C$12,000 that can raise to C$40,000 per year.

Additional Costs with Tuition Fee:

Except for tuition fees, there are many other expenses that an international student have to bear like C$100 administration fees, international student application fees ranging around C$250, fees for student services C$500-1,000 and processing fees for a study permit. Tuition fees of one year (two semesters) ranges generally around $10,000 to 12.000 and this figure can become higher than $25,000 if you are taking a master level degree programs.

Accommodation Fee:

The fee of accommodation is different; it depends upon your on or off-campus living. Dormitory fees are high and if you want to live off-campus you will likely pay around $700 a month to rent a room and at least $2000a month to rent an apartment. Typical yearly expenses on food and outdoor activities range between 4000 -$5000 per year.

Work While Study Conditions:

For international students in Canada, the off-campus work permit is compulsory to earn. The student can easily apply for the work authorize after the accomplishment of at least six months of his full-time study in Canada. Although students can do jobs on the campus the competition is too high.

To a normal evaluation, International students have to spend at least $20,000 per year on an undergraduate diploma or degree program.


What Is A Scholarship?

Scholarships are non-repayable financial rewards. Scholarships are normally allotted to students with outstanding academic achievements. Occasionally exceptional unpaid helper services and work experiences also make you eligible to take benefit from these scholarships.

Scholarships and other aids keep the Student save from financial burdens:

Significant scholarships are to be awarded to qualified students entering a Canadian university in assorted fields like Engineering, Information Technology, health sciences, arts, languages and humanities etc.

These scholarships are worth $10,000 for each student for example for Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences there are good scholarships for $7,500 each. It should be remembered that most of the Canadian scholarships are provided exclusively for students qualifying for admission to the relevant fields.

Financial support

Financial support is monetary assistance made by an institution to individuals or groups of people who cannot afford to pay full tuition fees. In return for financial support, the individual is usually employed at the institution. The bursary is helping the deserving student.

Loans and Grants:

The education system in Canada, in addition to scholarships and financial support, offers student loans, bank loan or line of credit. Financial support may be granted in the form of:

  • Graduate teaching assistantships
  • Research assistantships
  • External research support

Funding can be offered in many forms. Both the federal and provincial governments suggest financial aid to students who meet the criteria. These are interest-free offers as long as you remain a full-time student.

International Student Work Opportunities Program (I.S.W.O.P.)  

The International Student Work Opportunities Program (I.S.W.O.P.) is a work-study program for international undergraduate students. The program is exclusively designed to provide financial assistance through paid part-time employment on the campus. The program also recommends international undergraduate students to enhance skills, obtain work experience in a Canadian scenario while surviving in the campus community and thus the student can enhance their experience of studying and living in Canada.

Some Exclusive Canadian Scholarship Programs for International Students:


  • Humber College Scholarships for International Student
  • International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES)
  • McMaster University Entrance Awards
  • Dean’s Excellence Entrance Awards
  • Trent University Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada

The number of scholarships in Canada for International students is limited as compared to the USA, UK and Australia.