Save The Educational Institutions From Narcotics

LAHORE: The Punjab government is committed to eradicate the menace of narcotics from all educational institutions. The government would soon launch a special campaign against this fatal menace of drugs in schools and colleges.

The Provincial Minister for Schools Education Murad Raas  stated that the eradication of drugs from  educational institutions is the upmost priority of the government , during his meeting with the owners of private schools at his office of PCTB on Thursday.  In the presence of High commands of schools education department on the eve.  During the congregation the issue of the drug menace was discussed seriously and various measure against the spread of narcotics were discussed; it was decided to launch an awareness campaign about the deadly consequences of narcotics.

 Murad Raas added , students and parents should be given a mandatory and proper awareness  about the ailing effect of narcotics on physical and mental health and overall personality and character. The teachers must play a proactive role to give awareness to children by creating nasty feelings about narcotics in them. The school council can also play a positive role in this regard. He said we will continue our effort to make free our educational institutions from drugs by calling meetings off and on with the High Officials of schools and colleges. He extended instructions to school management to provide a healthy environment to the pupils. He added that the school sectors will provide awareness against the narcotics through showing videos and giving booklets to the students about injurious effect of narcotics. The minister of Punjab Education asked to ban betel nuts, cigarettes, niswar and such unhealthy food to be sold on school canteens. He asked the owners of school sectors to cooperate with government to diminish narcotics from the society. He told. PTI government is in function to provide a healthy atmosphere to the students to make a healthy society.