Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch Date At Last Confirmed Around The Globe

Samsung has once again succeeded to steal the limelight by announcing the launch date for its 10th anniversary Galaxy phone. Though Samsung has not yet announced the proper name it has been widely under expectations that it shall be no other than the most expected Galaxy S10. No need to mention that it is the biggest tech news of 2019 for people around the globe who had been waiting for the actual date of Galaxy 10. Millions of people have been searching  Galaxy s10 release date on various search engines due to the utmost popularity of the series. Even people have been searching Samsung galaxy s10 release date since the very mid of the year 2018. 

So, what really is the Galaxy s10 release date in Pakistan?

As we all know, a great number of Samsung fans and lovers do reside in Pakistan as well. Like all other countries, people in Pakistan are also waiting for the Galaxy s10 release date in Pakistan. All that waiting and searching seems to come to its dramatic ending as the curtain is going to be raised at last. According to most reliable sources the Samsung Galaxy release event will finally take place on Wednesday, Feb. 20. It will obviously be the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco where all that is going to take place. All the news channels would be on the ground for the ultimate and remarkable coverage of this dream event live from San Francisco.

What is so special about the Coverage?

It is a proven fact that Samsung’s Unpacked events are packed with extraordinary fun packed affairs and celebrations on every inspirational release ceremony around the globe. But let us tell you that the release event which is going to take place in 2019 matters a lot for all the Galaxy lovers. You may have witnessed the release ceremonies of Samsung Galaxy s6, Samsung Galaxy s7, Samsung Galaxy s8, or even the s9 version of that fabulous series but all these previous versions nor their release ceremonies are a match to the Galaxy s10 release, which is more than any such event that took place ever before.

•    Is it Only the Galaxy S10 Release Or More Than That?

As we all know that Samsung has obviously planned numerous other new phones for the year 2019 but all the media and web industry is focusing just on the release of Galaxy s10. In fact, the phones going to be released this year also include the ultimate successor of Galaxy S9, which will obviously be a unique gadget due to its foldable utility. It is in the news that it will be called as the Galaxy X, though its official name has not been released yet. There are also 5G devices meant for the world famous Verizon. However, Galaxy S10 release rumours are interlinked with the suggestions of three separate S10 phones in the ultimate lineup:

•    Standard Galaxy S10

•    Larger S10 Plus

•    S10 Lite

•    S10 E.

Some say that the launching of two unique devices at approximately the same event can obviously become a great risk for Samsung, as one device might overshadow the utilities of another one. On the top is the foldable “Galaxy X” which is full of all the specs that can definitely suck all the oxygen out of Galaxy S10.

Whatever may be the case, many are saying that whether it be Samsung itself of any of its competitors like the Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR, or the Huawei mate 20 series upcoming launches, all these would be no match to the super doper celebrations expected with the launch of Galaxy S10.

If we have dropped any of the exciting issue associated with the Galaxy S10 release, feel free to add it in the comment’s section below. We are anxiously waiting for your ultimate feedback.