Role of Media in Pakistan



             By Zahra Ishaq 

 All over the world, media is playing a colossal role in society. Similarly, we cannot refuse the importance of media in Pakistan. Pakistani media is a source of information and entertainment as well. News and journalism area keep people updated about the world what is being happened. People are informed about both national and international news by the print and digital media and the most rapid media is social media. However, we cannot compare social media with other authentic print and digital media like television and radio. People are well-informed about all types of news on a global scale as news about politics, sports, celebrities, fashion, weather and health etc; whereas the entertainment sector provides soap operas, movies, music etc. The media institution in Pakistan has performed a very significant role in influencing and reforming the viewpoint of the Pakistani population at large on many issues. Its crime reporting and human rights violation incidents have revealed the true scope of social issues prevalent in our society. And coverage of international political events and developments has spread awareness of Pakistan’s international relations with other countries. Television is playing the main platform for reaching the masses for the media, enabling alluring journalists to become the key players by using their influence and social power catalogue when it comes to identity building and legends. Somehow media, on the name of freedom of the press, has recently been heading in a completely new direction. In their quest for higher television ratings, stern competition has destabilized true, accurate reporting and thus given way to not only biased but also the use of other immoral practices and negative tools to increase viewership. In order to further the advocacy efforts to strengthen the rule of law and make easy the access to justice, with particular focus on refugee protection, RRN-Pakistan had initiated a series of roundtable discussions, and one such event, a roundtable discussion on Rule of Law and Access to Justice, was planned in Islamabad on 13 October 2015 at the secretariat of RRN Pakistan. To broaden the horizons representation included the US State Department, Fulbright delegate from the USA, UNHCR, national and international civil society organizations, NGO association and individual refugee rights activist from Australia, who contributed to the discussion with their expert and professional insight.

Freedom of Media in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, media is working liberally and independently. Electronic media is performing its duty by providing a variety of programs (news, sports, entertainment, politics and other) to the nation. Our media is enhancing knowledge of the public and discusses all occurrences to the public.

Responsible Role of media in Pakistan:

Here we are required to observe the role of media whether it is performing a responsible role in society or not. There are some talk shows and political debate on various TV channels that creating upheaval in the peaceful life of citizens. However, Media is getting so irresponsible and for which it is exploiting the minds of the public on a horrific stage.

Positive Role of Media in Pakistan:

If the media is playing an irresponsible role on one side, it is performing a positive role on the other side. Media is educating people by conducting good informative and educational programs for the welfare of people. Media has a great impact