Punjabi Must Be A Mandatory Subject

LAHORE: Zaban Tay Saqafat( Language & Culture) a programme, on Tuesday,was conducted by the Punjab Institute of Art and Culture(PILAC)

Ijaz Alam Augustine, the provincial minister for human rights and minority affairs regarded the occasion as chief guest. Many of the illustrious personalities from electronic and print media and foreign delegates eagerly attended the conference.

 Dr. Sughra Sadaf, DG of PILAC, emphasized on the importance of Punjabi language during her speech. She emphatically expressed that Punjabi should be made a compulsory subject on the intermediate level further she elaborated that it would be helpful to eradicate extremism from the society as all Punjabi Sufi saints had been delivering the message of peace through their poetry.

Punjab Minister Ijaz Alam Augustine said that nations are known by their mother tongue and the PTI government was committed to promote culture and tradition with the association of all stakeholders. He appreciated the efforts made by PILAC to promote Punjab’s culture and traditions and anticipated that series of these kinds of events would be continued. All the speakers, present on the eve, made a promise to promote the language and culture of Pakistan’s most populated province, Punjab.

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