Private Schools Violation of Supreme Court Orders

RAHIM YAR KHAN: Despite a strict order of 20% tuition fee reduction, four main private schools are not complying with the order of Supreme Court.

The private schools that charged more than 5,000 fee were ordered by the Supreme Court to reduce the tuition fee up to 20 %. But the government failed to make them implement the order.

Now parents & students are protesting against the school management for not reducing fee; they beseeched to Chief Justice to take any serious action against the owners of schools.

 The Education minister Murad Raas had threatened the private schools about the cancellation of their registration till the month of February in the case not obeying the court orders. These schools are Beacon House School System (BSS) Sheikh Khalifa Public School (SKPS), The City School ( TCS) and LGS.

Instead of reducing fee, SKPS had increased 5% fee and issued voucher for December 2018 to January 2019.The Principal of SKPS exclaimed that the objective of their school is not to earn money ; he increased fee with the approval letter of DC who is serving as the  chairman of the board of management as well.

 The administration of BSS said to adjust fee difference after Feb 12 .

The headmaster of TCS had assured to compensate the summer vacation fee till Feb.

The LGS management had promised to comply the court order till the coming month.

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