Private Schools decide to open from August but no approval obtained

Government had announced to open the schools in the month of September but all Private Schools have now announced to open themselves from 15th August, 2020. Decision was taken jointly in a meeting of All Pakistan Private Schools Association after which a press conference was done in which this decision was also announced.
President of the association said bluntly without any hesitation that all private schools will reopen from 15th August, 2020. Moreover, this decision has been taken in the better interest of all private schools across the country as said by the President in presser. The most valid reason put forward was that if schools remain closed for a further two months of time, they will be on the verge of bankruptcy and can close down forever. Upon the question of approval from government, association was of the view that approval has to be given by the government as the situation is now getting out of control.

The idea of long march was also put on the board in case, the government doesn’t give an approval. A protest will be staged in Islamabad by All Pakistan Private Schools Association if the approval isn’t granted. In the opinion of association, the date given by government is too late and such a delay is hampering the performance of students and effecting schools and teachers. On the other end, decline of corona cases is also a positive element for reopening the schools as stated by association, however, government is of the view that after assessing the covid-19 situation in later half of July and full month of August, a final decision will be taken regarding the reopening of schools.