Preparing before the Examination Day

Examination systems of the world are known to stretch the students. The systems are made strict and rigid in order to have strong systems of evaluation for the students. This forms the basis of structuring an examination system. The infrastructure of competitive examinations is more demanding than all the other exams, therefore, exams can be highly stressful. They promote panic and worrisome attitude among the students. However, the students shall motivate themselves and look at the bigger picture. There are certain things that one can do to prepare for the day of examination. The following advises will help the students in feeling better with elimination of all sorts of stress and anxiety.

Day Before the Exam

The students need to calm themselves a day before the exams. A night or day before could be highly stressful due to many reasons. The students might think that they have left something out which is really important or they have not done as much revision as required. Few of the questions keep circulating in mind and one thinks that how shall I answer a typical question, are my concepts right, will I be able to remember during the exam etc. Hence, there is a lot of stress among the students. Nevertheless, students shall practice three things which can help them in keeping calm.

  1. Take Deep Breaths
    The students shall take deep breathes for a period of 20 to 30 seconds as it will help them in easing the stress levels. It is all about maintaining the composure of oneself because too much nervousness facilitates the creation of stress among the individuals. Deep breathes will help the individuals in getting relaxed as it will reduce muscle tension as advocated by numerous psychologists.
  2. Stay Positive
    Keep oneself going by promoting positivity. Once a student knows that he/she needs to appear in an examination, they prepare and spend rigorous time on it. Therefore, a day before the exams, students need to give themselves encouragement that they have done their best and now it is about tomorrow when they have to perform.
  3. Make sure that when and where is the exam
    The examination center shall be visited a day before the exams so that the place and way to reaching it can be seen. It will not only help in knowing the time and distance required to reach it but will also help in getting familiarized. The students who are appearing for the exams can even get nervous with new places and travelling. This visit will help the students in firstly, getting relaxed as they will travel out of the home and then secondly, they will now know the place and travel required.

Night Before the Exam

The night before exam can be extremely tough for some of the students while others relax and have a deep sleep so that they are energized in the morning. No matter how much preparation has been done and how much strong the nerves are of an individual, the night before exam is pretty stressful. The feeling of getting up and then going for the exam brings in nervousness. The questions of awaking on time, taking all necessary material with oneself, staying healthy etc. keeps on promoting stress. The mind thinks a lot, nevertheless, following tips can help one in getting prepared for the exam day:

  1. Go to Bed Early
    Getting to bead early is as critical as oxygen for the life. The decent sleep of night is thousand times better than the revision of all night. It is better to get relaxed before the start of an intellect testing day. Lot of energy is required to produce the material on paper and then thought process needs to be activated, therefore, rest is essential rather than getting tired and sleepy during the exam.
  2. Looking after oneself
    Try to take good care of food and one’s health. The performance during examination will only be good if the student is healthy. The water intake shall also be increased as it will boost the overall hydration. The stress levels hamper the health and students often get dehydrated and as a result students get headache when they get up.
  3. Re-reading of the notes
    The retention of knowledge is an important concern of the students. The preparation of a particular subject tends to fade away at night and it troubles the students. Sometimes, it’s due to stress and on other occasions, it is due to the faith of students to remember everything. Rather than going through the entire syllabus, we encourage that students shall develop an outline of each and every topic which shall not be more than 1 page for any topic. It will be better to go through all the outlines, a night before the exams rather than revising the entire book. This will help in getting the entire syllabus revised with confidence of going through all material in one night.
  4. Having a laugh
    The stress levels promote muscle pain and reduce the level of thinking intellectually. As a counter practice to that, students shall talk or spend a little time with someone who can make them laugh or with whom they feel relaxed. This someone can be parents, siblings, friends or any other person as deemed appropriate by a student. Often it cannot be a person but laughing can be made via watching a funny video on Youtube or any other internet platform. Laughing can relieve the stress levels and it promotes a feel good emotion within an individual.
  5. Setting up an alarm
    The alarm shall be set up while going to bed and someone else in friends or family shall also be informed of the awaking time. The alarm will surely help an individual to get up on time but the information of time to other individuals will be a Plan B for getting up. The students usually are stressed and often are unable to recognize the sound of alarm. On the other hand, the alarm can be switched off and one goes to sleep again. Thus, the other individual will be responsible for getting one up because they will recognize the importance of that day and able to get the other person awake because they will not be in a position of stress.