NUST ranked in top 50 young universities of the world: QS Rankings


National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) has been one of the positive image builders of Pakistan across the world. It has brought great laurels to its name with providing high level of graduates every year. NUST was rated previously in QS rankings which are termed as the best universities of the world. At present, it has taken another great step forward as it has been included in World’s Top 50 Young Universities by QS World Rankings Institute.


NUST is now a known name in the world’s Higher Education Institutes (HEIs). QS Rankings of the young universities are majorly evaluated through the age of institute and then comparing it with world’s universities including the categories of employer reputation, academic reputation, faculty-student ratio, international faculty, international students and citations per faculty. NUST is just 30 years old institute and was first rated in top 100 young universities back in 2016.


Within a matter of time, NUST has taken some gigantic steps and has been currently ranked on 41st number. In comparison to last year, NUST has jumped 10 positions upwards as it was ranked on number 51 in 2019 within the same category. This ranking has been announced by QS Rankings to highlight those universities that are doing extremely well in teaching, research and innovation while considering their age and resources. NUST has been consistently moving forward and we hope that other universities in Pakistan can follow the same model of excellence within their walls.