National Education Plan announced by Government

In wake of the covid-19, government is taking active steps for continuing the economic cycle, therefore, planning commission was advised to devise a National Education Plan. Deputy Chairman of the Planning commission presided the meeting of all stakeholders in which way forward was discussed. The Deputy Chairman of the commission said that government has already taken some very important and needed steps but all the provincial governments and education departments shall be supported in this times of crisis. In order to bridge this difficult times, government aims to spend US $ 200 Million on the educational enhancement and continuation.

All the provinces will get their due share out of this amount in which it will be a grant rather than loan. No education department or provincial government will be asked to repay the amount as loan. The meeting further advised the provincial stakeholders including the education ministry, education department, planning departments and finance ministry to devise their own response plans for utilizing the grants from federal government.

The federal and provincial secretaries were advised to join the meeting through video link which was done successfully. Deputy Chairman of the planning commission said as the situation continues to improve but still government has kept a budget for managing severe education crisis due to covid-19. On the other end, the donor support for education has also been improved at the federal level. Concluding the meeting, all provinces developed a consensus on education emergency plan and agreed on more sessions of similar nature.