Monthly Fee has been reduced by IBA, Karachi


All the educational institutes were asked to reduce their fees by 20%, however, decision wasn’t implemented in its true letter and spirit. This relief was given under the Sindh Government’s Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Nevertheless, IBA Karachi has taken the lead in Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) by reducing their tuition fee by 20%. All the students whether on any financial or non-financial support will receive this waiver in fee.

IBA has already done a lot for assisting needy students during the spread of deadly virus. Budget for financial assistance was already lifted by 25% which meant that 30% of the students out of total students will be on some sort of financial assistance. Programs of financial assistance will be ranging from 25% to 100% fee waiver and current budget stands at Rupees 380 Million. A need based criteria is established by the university which facilitates all needy students.

In some of the instances, even one-time financial assistance or per course financial assistance is also provided to the students. All semesters including the summer semesters will now be offered scholarship opportunities. For the first time, IBA has also initiated installment plans of the fees and amounts for unused expenses are being returned, such as, hostel, transportation and examination fees.

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