Media Houses Polarization in Pakistan

Media is seen as the 4th pillar of the state. The media has the responsibility of a watch Dog of the society. The role of media although has deviated from the morals and ethics of journalism. Pakistani media has never played a completely responsible role but the present situation is the worst portrayal of the mainstream media in the history.

The media houses throughout the world have certain inclinations towards one or other ideologies so the media houses everywhere in the world have difference of opinion. The similar trend is evident in the media practices of USA and Britain. Pakistan on the other hand is standing of two extreme polls. The opposing media channels in Pakistan are the picture extreme polarization of media houses.

The political amalgamation, commercialization, interests of stake holders and the owners hegemony in Channels have collective shaped the sharply angled polarization. Every child in every house is well aware of which channel will prove the narrative of which side. The libertarian and social responsibility theory of journalism are facing the worst interpretation here. The situation is more like a tug of war amongst the two major blocks.

In an open discussion it was asked that what the problem with polarization is. What is wrong in picking sides according to channels own ideology and agenda? The main here is very prominent for the people with open mind and eyes to observe. The most concerning problem with media polarization is its consequences on the general public. Although there has always been two ideologies for everything but the general public specially the youth is evidently if not more than equally polarized. The extreme opinions and mind making have left people confused and in a state of chaos. There is great aggression and agitation in the youth. Every person only watches the TV channels which support their own narrative.

Media is not just suppose to gratify the public but to aware it as well. The media houses are nothing but business corporations who want to make money out of every situation even if they have to exploit people at the max.

It is high time to resolve the issue because it is costing Pakistan more than it can pay. The harmony amongst the people is shattering and the division of people in blocks and polls is converting into sharp conflicts. The tolerance in the society has decreased over last few years and people are making friendships and alliances on the basis of political affiliations.

We must realize that where one has right to hold and opinion and we must allow people to believe in their own ideologies and believes. We need to get above the politics to see the more concerning issues in Pakistan such as mental health, water shortage, safety of children, child labour and abuse etc. let’s not be blind folded by whatever we see in our television sets and rise above the greed of power and politics to bring real change in Pakistan.