MEd Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

Master of Education (M.Ed) is a master’s degree study program offered by major universities across the country. This degree is often pursued either after a specialized degree or after B.Ed degree. Specializations are also offered at M.Ed level, whereas, it is much relevant for the educators advancing in their field. Similar degrees related to M.Ed are Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.) and Master of Science in Education (MS Ed. Or MSE). The degree includes coursework focused on using evidence-based research for completing the degree requirements. It is a two-year program divided into four semesters. However, there are some universities that offer a one-year M.Ed program too in which the previous qualification shall be from the same institute. M.Ed like MBA is available in different shapes as per the convenience of candidates. It can be studied as a regular candidate in morning or based on own schedule available in weekend, evening and distant learning options.

Eligibility Criteria for M.Ed

However, the criteria based on marks can vary from one university to the other but usually it is standardized as follows:

  • Minimum of 16 years of education with at least 50% to 60% marks or equivalent CGPA.
  • B.Ed candidates are preferred while giving a relaxation in the criterion.
  • Additional preference is given to those candidates that already had completed a graduate degree in sciences or humanities with a teaching experience to support it.
  • Minimum of 50% marks in the entrance test of the university in which a candidate is applying for.

Entry Test of M.Ed

The admission process is closely linked with the entry test and is a basic element for granting an admission to the applicant. There are some universities that offer admissions on the basis of merit as done in intermediate level, however, most of the universities encourage taking an entry test. The test for this program is based on concepts from B.Ed and applicants are tested on three main parameters including teaching aptitude, language proficiency and reasoning ability. Three sections are equally divided and one has to secure an aggregate of at least 50% marks to support the case for grant of an admission.

M.Ed Subjects and Syllabus

The syllabi are primarily related to teaching pedagogies and classroom environment. As the program is mainly one for the future educators of tomorrow, therefore, curriculum during the two years revolves around similar concepts. M.Ed not only provides theoretical knowledge but advises on numerous occasions for practical exposure as well. Students are required to gain teaching internship experience, complete academic writing projects, attend workshops and prepare thesis. Some of the courses that are taught at this level are educational psychology, educational studies, human rights, information technology, history of education, advanced educational research, comparative education, philosophical and sociological foundations of education etc. However, unlike B. Ed, specializations are offered in M.Ed.

Specializations in M.Ed

M. Ed has specializations in four different areas mentioned below:

  • M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction: This involves the teaching and research related to curriculum. Graduates under this specialization can be involved in teaching and research related tasks pertaining to the education at all levels.
  • M.Ed in Counseling: It helps the students in learning the ways of counselling and facilitating students for making decisions.
  • M.Ed in School Psychology: It allows the students to become mental health specialists for students of tomorrow. After completion of degree, they can also opt a career as Educational Psychologist and often land at teaching jobs at specialized institutes as well.
  • M.Ed in Administration: This deals with development of managerial skills among the educators. It helps the students in becoming head of the administration of the schools including a headmaster, headmistress, principal etc.

M.Ed Careers

Acquiring a master degree in education opens up many opportunities for the students in various fields. An M.Ed degree holder can find enough promising jobs and that too are transformed into excellent jobs if the qualification is backed by certain practical experience. It is often viewed that only schools or educational institutes are the place where these fresh graduates will land, nevertheless, there are multiple job positions which are provided by education consultancies, coaching centers, publishing houses, colleges, research and development agencies and so on which are mentioned as follow:

  • Teacher / Lecturer / Instructor
  • Soft Skills Trainer
  • Career Counsellor
  • Principal / Head Master / Head Mistress
  • Home Tutor
  • Online Tutor
  • Educational Administrator
  • Subject Specialist
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Education Trainer
  • Instructional Technologist
  • Researcher
  • Content Writer

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