Masters Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

After successful completion of Bachelor degree which is also known as undergraduate program in Pakistan, one is made eligible for getting an admission into Master’s degree program which is called as a graduate program. The minimum qualification for such a degree is stated to be 16 years on a generalized standard, however, there are few exceptions too. Master’s degree is an academic degree awarded by various private and public sector higher education institutes. Like a Bachelor’s program, Master’s is also completed in a specialized field or area of study. The difference which Master’s degree plays in comparison to a Bachelor’s degree is that it is more advanced, high level, specialized, enhanced analysis, critics and professional application.

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Structure and Duration of Master’s degree programs

There are multiple pathways as defined by various university based on their policies and procedures. A Thesis may or may not be required as per the requirements of the degree and its validation by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. Generally, the structure and duration of the program is similar between universities of Pakistan irrespective of their public or private nature, however, there are minor exceptions. Master degree is usually of two years, however, there are exceptions in which it can be of either one year or in fact even longer than two years. In a case, where a student doesn’t have 16 years of qualification prior to Master’s then the degree is of 3 years to 3.5 years, whereas, this has been eradicated by HEC in the last year. All the master’s program is of now two years with 16 years as mandatory qualification required.

Nevertheless, the master’s degree can be of 1 year if the institute of bachelor and master is same which is offered by all public and private sector universities. The degrees are of research and taught nature in which either the degree is primarily related with research work or in the other case with primary work as teaching. Research degrees require more of a research work and students are required to submit a thesis at the end of degree, however, in other degrees, students can opt a research project rather than thesis.

Different Master’s programs

There are multiple programs offered by various universities, however, few of the most common and beneficial programs are as below:


M.A. is the name of associated with most common Master of Arts degree. It is a two years’ master degree program which is being offered in the fields of humanities, social sciences and liberal arts. The program is widely taught and offered to general public across all private and public sector universities. M.A is the only program that requires students to have bachelor degree in the related field, such as, English, Urdu, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology etc. It is an advanced level study in comparison to bachelor degree, therefore, it is a key pre-requisite of eligibility for such programs. M.A. can be a best option for those students that want to pursue their professions in becoming teachers, sociologists, writers, communication specialists, anthropologists etc. M.A. is a highly recognized program and its broader curriculum allows students to develop professionally and personally.


Information Technology has changed the way we work, think, eat and in fact live, therefore, studying IT is one of the emerging trends since last three decades. As soon as the world continues to thrive based on computer systems and technologies, study of related programs will be among the trends. MS CS or MCS are used for the same as it is known as Master of Science in Computer Sciences and Masters of Computer Sciences. It is often studied after completing the Bachelor’s degree in related field. However, computer sciences have numerous master’s degree program, therefore, students tend to opt a degree that suits their interest and professional careers. Nevertheless, there is still a high number of students that select a general degree like MS CS / MCS. It gives all the students an advanced learning of the field with developing professional skills at an unmatched level compare to any prior degrees.


Master of Commerce is another widely studied program and it is most common among the students of B. Com. Students who complete B. Com often opt either an MBA program or M. Com program. The degree is primarily related to educating oneself about accounting, commerce, economics, statistics, business management, human resources and marketing. M. Com is often studied after gaining some job experience so that it can add to the professional enhancement of oneself. Individuals employed in accounts and finance setups often prefer M. Com qualification for Executives and Assistant Managers appointment, hence, it is a highly recognized professional degree. Most of the students going for professional accounting degrees like CA, ACCA, CAT, CIMA can also have exemptions if they have successfully completed M.Com.


Master of Education is abbreviated as M.Ed, it is also a two years’ master’s degree program and can be studied even after B. Ed or any other specialized qualification i.e. Bachelor of English. This program is primarily known for the teaching and education related professionals. It is due to the reason that the curriculum and methodology is related with educating oneself about teaching methodologies and classroom environments. M. Ed is now being offered by various private and public sector institutes, however, there is a high number of public institutes that offer M. Ed. Aspirants that have science background are taught in different classes and students with arts background are taught in other classes. This is being done in order to train science background students to teach science subjects classes and similarly, arts students are educated to teach all the arts subjects. M. Ed is often preferred while an hiring is being done in schools and colleges across Pakistan.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) is among the top studied program in Pakistan. Most of the students opt it right after their Bachelor degree but there is a high number of people that study it after gaining some job experience. A special MBA Executive program is also available for those students that are interested in studying the program along with continuing their jobs as well. An increasing trend has also been witnessed in which students of other fields also pursue an MBA degree for achieving professional success at workplace. One of the highest numbers of students are being admitted in MBA programs that have prior education related to engineering and computer sciences. MBA is generally available in two variants; one is similar to the BBA method which offers specialization during the last semester or from the very first semester. The other variant is a general MBA which is offered by numerous universities as it educates on all the concepts of Business Administration including marketing, supply chain, information technology, human resources, finance and entrepreneurship.

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