MA Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

Master of Arts abbreviated as MA is master degree program awarded by many countries across the world. Hence, the program is broadly recognized and accepted in the globe. Universities of public and private nature offer it across Pakistan. M.A. is offered in the subjects of humanities and social sciences but a Bachelor degree shall be acquired prior to it within the same field. Master of Arts (M.A.) degree’s background can be traced from France, University of Paris since the early 17th century. It is a two-year program based on four semesters. M.A. is a specialized course and an in-depth knowledge of the selected discipline is obtained. This degree can be selected as a part time or even full time option as universities offer it in regular and distance mode teaching. M.A has a variety of options which cannot be compared with any other Master’s degree. The Master of Arts can be obtained in numerous fields.

Programs available at M.A level

Let us take a look on the broad horizon which is offered by Master of Arts degree mentioned hereunder:

  • M.A. in Languages (English, French, German, Urdu, Chinese, Latin, Greek, Spanish)
  • M.A. in Sciences subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics)
  • M.A. in Law (LLM)
  • M.A. in Economics
  • M.A. in Political Science
  • M.A. in History
  • Islamic Studies
  • M.A. in Pakistan Studies
  • M.A. in Psychology
  • M.A. in Geography
  • M.A. in Literature
  • M.A. in Social Work
  • M.A. in Linguistics
  • M.A. in Library and Information Sciences
  • M.A. in Anthropology

Eligibility Criteria for M.A.

Candidates applying for an M.A degree needs to match the eligibility criteria so that an admission can be granted by the authorities of the university. Aspirants that fail to meet the eligibility criteria are not entertained and therefore, following criteria shall be met by them:

  • Minimum 16 years of education from an HEC recognized institute with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA, such as 2.00 to 2.50.
  • The candidate needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in related field in order to understand the advanced concepts of same field.
  • Securing a minimum of 50% marks in entrance test of the university in which an aspirant is applying to.

Admission process for M.A.

Universities usually take an entry test and passed students list are displayed on the notice board and same is available at online platforms. Although, some of the universities conduct interviews and group discussions for the passed out candidates out of the entry test. After the completion of such stages, the admissions are granted for a Master of Arts degree. For further guidance related to the entry test is that it is conducted on similar patterns as of the B. Ed. Few of the universities do include a small portion for the subject related aspect for examining subject matter expertise of the applicant.

Course and Curriculum

Master of Arts is a highly skilled and specialized program with its availability in various fields that is unmatched with any other master’s degree. Therefore, there is a long list of courses that are taught in M.A. as they are associated with the degree that one opts. For instance, certain novels are taught in M.A. English but they are replaced with contemporary political issues in political science, hence, all the courses are associated with the degree one selects. The basic structure of an M.A. program involves the teaching of history, its evolution, origin and linking it with contemporary issues. However, all the students and programs in M.A. demands the submission of a thesis for the successful completion of degree.

Career Opportunities after M.A.

After completing the degree, one can also pursue a M. Phil or a PhD degree if they want to excel their career by becoming a researcher or an educator. Otherwise, most of the students can go for securing a job as well because it is a generally acceptable and recognized degree across Pakistan. The graduates can secure jobs based on the degree which they have completed. Some popular jobs that are available for the fresh graduates are as follows:

  • Teacher / Instructor
  • Researcher
  • Junior Lawyer
  • Law Consultant
  • Sociologist
  • Anthropologist
  • Psychologist
  • Economist
  • Librarian
  • Social Worker
  • Administrative Officer
  • Journalist
  • Content Writer
  • Counsellor

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