Let’s Learn through Films and documentaries

Whenever we talk about education and learning the only thought which comes in our mind is about the educational institutions. The curriculum and syllabus books are taken as the only source of education. Some broad minded people would include the other books and literature contents in the process of education as well. However, education and literature are the umbrella terms which includes more than just books in it. Education is a process is which occurs with every step we take in our lives we learn how to walk, how to talk how to deal with people, how the world works, how reason etc outside the academic institutions. The Literature includes the books, novels, poetry, music, folk tales, music, customs and rituals of the country.

The myth that learning is limited to schools and books must be changed as we have entered the era of innovation and development. We must find alternative ways to educate ourselves as well. The most under rated educational platforms are the Films and Documentaries. The media is mostly taken as only the source of entertainment but there is a great deal of learning through the films and documentaries without getting tired and bored.

The learning through the documentaries and films is interestingly more effective than the conventional ways of reading and writing. Scientifically the visuals stay longer in the brain than the texts and readings. The films and documentaries involve our sense of listening and watching at the same time which makes it easier to understand and grasp the concepts. However, the moving images and clips keep the attention towards the subject. So the are not just the source of entertainment just a great source of learning and infotainment as well.

There are thousands of documentaries made on nearly every subject, issue and concept the documentaries help to provide the latest information and status of the issue. The documentaries are now also included in the syllabus in many developed countries. The documentaries are readily available online and on the social media sites. On the other hand the films on the historic events such as world wars, the independence movement of Pakistan, the holocaust , the pearl harbor attack, 9/11 etc help us understand the historical context of the issues which we vaguely understand. The films also broaden the mental horizon of people helping them to understand the foreign narratives and concepts.

The learning through films and documentaries especially in English also helps to get better grab on the language and it helps to learn new worlds and latest vocabulary as well.

The documentaries and movies on certain topics to help students to understand the world in a better way :

  • Documentaries of Gwadar Port and CPEC

The recent developments between China and Pakistan are based on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. In this regard China is developing Gwader Port facility of Pakistan to use it for the purpose of trade and commerce. The advantages and disadvantages of the port to Pakistan is not clear to most of the students as if becomes boring to read the lengthy details and information about the contract but watching documentaries on CPEC is helpful and easily understandable for the students. Here it is very important for the students of International Relations, foreign affairs, Pakistan affairs and political science. The documentaries can further strengthen the idea about the strategic and economic importance of the Gwadar Port. There are several Documentaries available for on this issue on internet.

  • Haider

Haider is one of the master pieces of the Bollywood industry. It is the combination of William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet and Basharat Peer’s memoir Curfewed Night. The film has beautifully portrayed the present tragic picture of the life of civilians of Kashmir. The film further helps to understand the position of the long standing conflict. However, it is also a great piece of acting by the actors in the film. It is s must watch for all. The film is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and it was released worldwide in 2014.

  1. The boy in Striped Pajamas

It is a brilliantly conceptualized film. The film gives a clear picture of the atrocities of the Adolf Hitler and Nazi Regime on the people specially the Jews in Germany during World War I and II. The film also highlights the brutal bloodshed and cruelty during the great wars which ultimately changed the complete map of the world. The film is based on the novel named as “The Boy in Striped Pajamas”.

The story of the film revolves around two young boys. A young Christian boy becomes friend with a boy from detention camp and end up dying in a gas chamber. It has also provided the image of the detention centers in Germany under the Chancellorship of Adolf Hitler. The movie is a must watch for the students of history, sociology and international relations.

  • The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is actually a bestselling novel of Khalid Hosseni. It was later released as a movie because of the amazing reviews about the book. Khalid Hosseni is gifted with the art of emoting the real emotions of the fictional characters. It keeps you focused on what is next to happen.

Khalid Hosseni is an American citizen who was born in Afghanistan. The film provides a detailed explanation of the decline of Afghanistan and the increasing rift in the tribes of the country. It is a must watch for all Pakistani Students especially to understand the conflicts and issues in Afghanistan.

  • Issues of Middle East

Middle East and Asia Pacific region of the world are now the prime focus of the world. The middle has grabbed immense attention of the world during last few decades due to the changing dynamics of the region. The region has been important due to the oil politics and generation. However, it has also been under the spot light due to the change in regimes and Arab Spring. The documentaries on the middle east conflicts especially on Yemem, Syria, Eqypt, Libya etc are worth watching for all to understand the world politics in the region. Several documentaries are available on the subject on internet.