Key Areas to be considered when choosing to study after matric


All the students are excited after their matriculation results being declared but at the same time, matric results 2020 is a gateway for further study. But the important question in the minds of students are regarding the selection of an appropriate intermediate program. There are different options available for the students but what pathways are available for students is the burning question? The answer to these questions is divided into smaller parts which are as follows:


What to Study?

One has to find something which he/she really enjoys in doing and if that is found out, one can have comfortable and satisfying life forever. One can look around their families, friends and relatives; individuals who do what they love doing are the happiest persons moving around. However, there are chances that these individuals are also not living a satisfied life but there is a high probability of living satisfied lives by such individuals. More importantly, a career which is opted by the students shall also be able to support them financially as it is a much needed element for better future. Passion is the most key feature when selecting what to study as passion fuels purpose but in actual purpose fuels the life.


Where should one study?

One of the best solution is to shortlist a number of institutes for getting an admission based on reputation, image, quality of education, infrastructure, level of employees, formal support mechanisms, safety, security and social life. A comparative analysis between the institutions can also help in determining the right place to study. Once an analysis is being done, it helps in making a better decision but there are certain types of institutions out of which one can select based on passion as mentioned above and then on the basis of analysis drawn. The educational landscape is filled with not only public and private institutes but numerous technical institutes too. Universities of public and private nature focus on academic research and technologies, whereas, technical colleges taught certain courses related to a particular area only.


Choosing an appropriate mode of study

Most of the universities now offer educational programs in more than one methods with stressing the need on distance learning programs, however, they have now gained pace and accreditation too. In addition to that, it is more suitable for the individuals who want to earn and keep on learning with that. These kind of programs are highly flexible and cost-effective. Distance learning programs offer the students with more time flexibility for completing their studies but their conventional counterparts complete the studies in a less time. Contrary to that, distance learning programs also helps in saving the cost of students as they save the cost of travelling. Nevertheless, it is a modern trend in which programs are taught but one has to stick towards it with dedication and discipline as distant learning programs requires focus and maturity.


How much will the program cost?

The average fee of a college on annual basis amounts close to One Hundred Thousand PKR (Pakistani Rupee) which is not that much affordable for majority of the households. Students fees are therefore, an important and key aspect while making a decision on program or selecting a college. In Pakistan, the first priority of every student should be to aim an admission into any of the public college but as far as the private institutions are concerned, one has to consider numerous factors. Keeping certain factors in check are the reason of authenticating the selection of appropriate institute because often a private college compromises on many key areas. The key aspects include registered institution, accredited program, reputed institute and specialization based program. All of these aspects attracts a lot of funds with it, therefore, students shall decide on a college which meets with their financial expenditures.


We wish best of luck to all the students for their future and hope that they make a right decision regarding the selection of their colleges and programs. For any further details, related to admissions and college education, keep on visiting our website at regular intervals.