Junk Food Causes Stress During Exams

By Subtain Raza Hanjra

Many students eat junk food during exams to release their anxiety and exam phobia. They used to bring their packets of junk food along with them. Particularly, on the day of examination and before going to the examination hall, they eat a lot of such food. Dear readers, if you are also addicted to eating junk food, during your examination, you must read this article about junk food whether they are beneficial during your exams or not. My today’s article is researched based.

Importance of Junk Food during Examination

After a keen observation and deep research, it has been discovered that if you eat such food during which you have less quantity of fruit and green vegetables and a soaring amount of fast food, then you have an increased problem of stress. Can. The undeviating examiners of this study affirmed, ‘Poor eating indicates a strain. People ate more and more fat, sugar and calorie foods during stress. ‘

According to the studies escort examiners, ‘Our study found that inaccurate eating habits in students during the test period confirmed their estimation of stress. At the same time, according to researchers, a good diet is required for good studies and mental performance.

Changing habit is difficult 

According to the chief researchers, ‘Unfortunately, our study found that students have trouble eating a good diet and they have adopted wrong eating habits, which after a few weeks is important for their whole health. And it is difficult to change these habits. ‘

The research was held out on over 200 students, an online study covering several Belgian universities. Around 232 students aged 19-22 contribute to it. In January 2017, students who took part in this long period of one month before and after the exam were asked to disclose stress and answer questions, assessing their eating habits and several psychological reasons.

In the study, researchers examined the relationship between stress at the time of examination and changes in food quality. Even if their relationship is altered by mental factors such as eating behaviour (emotional, external, limited), the purpose of food choice, preference for taste, sensitivity to advantages and disadvantages, strategy adoption, lazy behaviour, and social support.

Throughout a month-long period, those participating in the research found it difficult to stay on a good diet and only a third were able to fulfill the World Health Organization’s suggestion of eating 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day. On contrary to that, students spoke about growing stress levels by eating more junk food.

Eating out of sensation

Junk food studies revealed that sensitively eaters (who eat in response to negative emotions), good smelling food or seeing it, those who like sweet or fat are more motivated by health People, receptive to the advantages and disadvantages, more lazy and most flat to stress during this time are most at risk of liking harmful foods Land.

However, if you want to demolish your stress level during exams, say goodbye to your habit of eating junk food.