Junaid Jamshed a Distinguished Vocalist And a Religious Figure

  By Mahjabeen Malik

 A well-known vocalist, TV performer, songwriter, civil engineer, speaker, religious figure, and dress designer was famous for his unique style and personality. The first time he captured the heart of Pakistani people in 1987 with his song Dil Dil Pakistan.

Junaid Jamshed was born in Karachi on 3rd September 1964. He was the son of Jamshed Akbar Khan, a group captain in the Pakistan Air Force from Nowshera and his mother was Nafeesa Akbar Khan was the granddaughter of the Nawab of Loharu State. His maternal uncle Sahibzada Jahangir is a London based wealthy businessman who has now become a member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. Sahibzada Jahangir’s son is a famous actor who has performed the role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in a classic drama “Jinnah se Quaid” at PTV. Another son of Sahibzada Jahangir was an England based domestic cricketer who has been playing for Hertfordshire as an all-rounder. A renowned political figure Fauzia Kasuri is one of Junaid Jamshed’s aunts and a TV actor Alvy Khan is his cousin. However, Junaid Jamshed’s family is popular in Pakistan; with notable rank in the society.

 Though he wanted to join Pakistan Air Force to become a fighter pilot, after his graduation, yet he had to get admission in the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore due to his weak eye-sight. Junaid Jamshed’s major subject of study was physics and mathematics; he had accomplished his graduation in Mechanical Engineering in 1999. 

Dazzling Career in Singing

In 1986, Rohail Hyatt a keyboardist and Shahzad Hassan a bassist founded a band “Vital Signs” in Rawalpindi and Junaid Jamshed a student of UET joined them as a vocalist. The band started performing in various parts of the country and they secured a place in reticent music Industry in Lahore and Islamabad.

A music official of PTV noticed the band in a live concert in Islamabad however a student, named Kanwal, from National Academy of Performing Arts request the band to make vide for her as she was assigned a task to develop one of the music band. On the request of Kanwal, the band started working on the first album known as “Chehra”. This was the ever first song written by the band and the band captivated the attention of Shoaib Mansoor a record producer and broadcaster at the National Academy of Performing Arts. After this acquaintance, Mansoor worked with the band on their first album for a patriotic song. Junaid Jamshed was the integral part of the band for his melodious voice and handsome personality.

On 14th August 1987, the first album of Vital Signs was released on air on PTV. Their achieved a huge popularity and national fame on account of their hit song “Dil Dil Pakistan” and “ Tum Mil Gaye”. The band received nationwide popularity and their songs were heard everywhere in the country. However, Junaid Jamshed returned to his University to accomplish his education as he was least interested in making music his profession. In 1999, Junaid Jamshed had secured his engineering-degree and joined the air force as a civil contractor for a short span before leaving the air force.

Soon after on, he joined again the musical band Vital Signs as Rohail and Shazad had convinced him to join them back. After the release of the second album, the band made the first international visit in the USA. In 1993, the band released the third album “Aitebar” with the assistance of Shoaib Mansoor. Meanwhile, Junaid Jamshed performed the role of an actor in a TV drama “Dhundlay Rasta”. The band released the fourth album “Hum Tum” in 1995. And in 1996, Shahzad moved to the US to join a job as a computer engineer at IBM whereas Rohail Hayyat established a recording company “Coke Studio”, however, the band went apart in 1998, Junaid Jamshed established his solo career and sang many hit songs.

 Solitary Career

 Junaid Jamshed launched his first solo album “Tumhara Aur Mera Naam” in 1994 with Vital signs and the second lone album “US Rah Par” in 1999. Luckily, “Us Rah Par” became the best selling solo album of 1999. Junaid Jamshed inscribed all songs by himself and the majority of such songs as, “Us Rah Par”, “Na Tu Ayegi”, “Aankhon Ko Aankhon Ney” and “O Sanam”, was an ultimate success and commercial hits of all time. In 2000, his third album was released. The Best of Junaid Jamshed ‘s fourth and last album Dil Ki Baat was released in the year 2001, which achieved a huge success in the country and captured a lot of public and media attention.

His national song “Dil Dil Pakistan was chosen by BBC World Service in a contest among song in 2003. Approximately, 7,000 songs were selected from all over the world out of which “Dil Dil Pakistan” secured the third position among the top 10 songs because people from around 155 countries voted in the poll favouring Dil Dil Pakistan.

Struggling for Finance

In 2001, Junaid Jamshed started avoiding public exposure specifically after splitting the band Vital Signs. At that moment of crisis while he was struggling for finance, Shoaib Mansoor, helped him financially as he offered a role to play for a TV show.

After the attacks of 9/11 in the US, Rohail Hayatt and Junaid Jamshed had to face scores of heated questions from the Westerners, however, upon his return to country, Junaid started offering five-time prayers and applied for the job as engineer at various companies but in vain as he had been out of practice from his field of engineering. However, he initiated a business of readymade garments with his fast friend in 2004. He formed a fashion house by the name of “J.” Finally, Junaid Jamshed announced publically to relinquish singing as he has turned to Islam by heart and soul. Soon after that, he emerged as a very good religious figure, a speaker and a na’at khwan.

Shoaib Mansoor, the best friend and well-wisher of Junaid Jamshed, was badly affected and he felt so sad on his announcement about bidding farewell to the music world.

Personal Life

In 1990, Junaid Jamshed got married to Ayesha Junaid, later on, he tied a knot with Neha Junaid;   and he had left in legacy one wife Ayesha Junaid and four children (three sons and one daughter).

Departure to Eternal Life


On 7th December 2016, Junaid Jamshed along with his second wife Neha had Junaid departure to eternal life in a plane crash while he was returning to Islamabad from Chitral’s Tableeghi Jammat mission. Their plane PIA Flight 661 crashed near Havelian, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa destroying the life all on board.

In 2018, Junaid Jamshed’s name was chosen for the third-highest civilian award the Sitara-e-Imtiaz. He had been considered among the World’s most influential Muslims as he had been involved in charity service particularly he had been involved with an NGO Muslim Charity from 2003 until his last breath of life in 2016.

Discography of Junaid Jamshed

 Musical Albums with Vital Signs

Solo Pop albums


  • 1994 – Junaid of Vital Signs, renamed Tumhara Aur Mera Naam
  • 1999 – Us Rah Par
  • 2000 – The Best of Junaid Jamshed
  • 2001 – Dil Ki Baat

Nasheed albums

  • 2005 – Jalwa-e-Janan (The Sight of the Beloved)
  • 2006 – Mehboob-e-Yazdan (The Beloved of God)
  • 2007 – Badr-ud-Duja (The Night’s Full Moon)
  • 2008 – Yad-e-Haram
  • 2009 – Rehmat Ul Lil Aalamin
  • 2009 – Badi uz Zaman (The Wonder of the Age)
  • 2010 – Hadi Ul Anaam (The Guide to the World)
  • 2011 – Rabi-Zidn-e-Ilma(O’Lord! Please Increase My Knowledge!)
  • 2013 – Noor-Ul-Huda
  • List of Naatb
  1. Jaga jee laganay ki dunya nahi hai (jalwa-e-janaan – 2005),
  2. Jalwa e jana (jalwa-e-janaan – 2005),
  3. Madad meray allah (jalwa-e-janaan – 2005),
  4. Muhammad pbuh ka roza (jalwa-e-janaan – 2005),
  5. Multazim par dua (jalwa-e-janaan – 2005),
  6. Rasha makawa (pashto, jalwa-e-janaan – 2005),
  7. Tu ne poochi hai imamat (jalwa-e-janaan – 2005),
  8. Yeh subh-e-madina (jalwa-e-janaan – 2005),
  9. Ae allah tu hi atta ( Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  10. Aye rasool e amin (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  11. Aei taiba (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  12. Badee uz zaman (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  13. Meetha meetha pyara pyara (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  14. Mere allah tu kareem hai (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  15. Mohabbat kya hai (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  16. Mujhe zindagi mein yaarab (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  17. Qasida burda shareef (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  18. Sood ki lanat (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006),
  19. Surah al baqarah (Mehboob-e-Yazdan – 2006)


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