Is Oppo Really Going to Reveal a 10x optical zoom in its new Range of Smart Phones?

It has been in the news now since many days on various platforms that Oppo is going to reveal a revolutionary new piece of tech. Many Oppo lovers are sure that it can be no other than the most awaited  Oppo Smartphone With 10x Optical Zoom. Well, many of us might not take it as seriously as it could be, but it is a fact that if it occurs, it will no doubt allow a 10x optical zoom within the slim boundaries of a smartphone around the globe. The rumour got stronger as an invitation was received by members of the Chinese press.

It was not the invitation, but the bottom line of that invitation that was roughly translated to:

“10 times the view, see you soon” — clearly to be interpreted as an advancement in the zoom technology ahead.

Is it the first time?

Those who are well aware of the track record of Oppo, know very well that it isn’t the first time for Oppo to think about the forefront modifications in camera zoom. In fact, it was in 2017 when it launched a 5x optical zoom for its range of smartphones, and the bitter fact was that it never did make its way to any of its consumer phones. Many of us thought that Oppo might have wanted just to redefine and improve before the ultimate releasing.

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What if Oppo Smartphone With 10x Optical Zoom is really introduced?

First of all, it is a fact that this kind of optical zoom was once an impossible sort of tech advancement on that small device — but we have also witnessed that the way Oppo has achieved lossless zoom in its previous devices, is really amazing and ingenious. An example is of the Oppo 5x zoom system, in which the camera lens is a bit extended out from the smartphone. The actual technique followed is that Oppo fixes the camera’s lens vertically, then a prism is placed underneath to bend light at full 90 degrees to meet the level of advancement required for that extreme level. With that extreme level of optical image stabilization system, Oppo ensured its users would get the 5x zoom with the steadiest clear images. But we still do not have any information on the tech to be used this time by Oppo to further increase its level of While there’s little information on the 10x zoom, but some Oppo critics are more than sure that it might work on the same idea.

As we all know that Oppo has the credit of being the pioneer in this tech advancement, so we’re more than willing to give Oppo the ultimate benefit doubt and wait for the release of its 10x optical zoom. What do you say?

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