IPhone XS, XS Max and XR specification & price

The fanbois of Apple is once more very very hot hot after the unveiling of its trio iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR respectively. Every one wants to know what is their look, price and specs despite the fact that most of them do not even have the purchase power to buy any of these versions. It has also been noticed that no matter any one can buy iphone or not, he will definitely be crazy about knowing the specs and price range of the new version. For instance millions of sraches have been recorded with the querries of iPhone XS price and specs on the most visited place on earth which is obviously Google.

The iPhone trio had no doubt some amazing surprises in store some of which were leaked adding to the Apple’s launch event.  For example all the three models in this amazing iDevice trio are the first which would feature Apple’s homegrown A12 Bionic CPU. Those who do not know about it may be informed that is the first ever commercially available real life 7nm processor any smart device will have for a long time. It will definitely add to the lightning transfer speed of all the three iDevices. The price is very high mostly due to that spec and some other costly features which cannot be seen or found any where else. Thanks to the iPhone XS deals discussed at the end of this review, now any one can afford the try to possess for themselves

In this comprehensive article we’ve have tried our best to round up everything you would love to know about iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

First of all let us discuss the specs:

Apple’s trio iDevices XS, XS Max and XR are avialble now.

As is obvious from its name, 5.8in iPhone XS is the probable successor iPhone X which was released last year. In the same way, Max model offers the footprints of previous 5.5in smartphones. Though it is diferrent in the sense that it has a larger 6.5in OLED display. It has somewhat replaced Apple’s Plus-branded models now-defunct. In addition, the XS and XS Max are equipped with Super Retina resolution screens. These sort of screens have unique HDR, Dolby Vision features. This spec has been added to support Apple’s most secure Face ID tech, not to be found in any other smart phone uptill date.

To ensure safety, both the XS and XS Max comprise of well crafted surgical-grade stainless steel and the IP68 certified the glass ever included in a smartphone, adding to the much longed safety and security of the highly sensive touch, available in Gold and Silver, Space Grey colour colour options.

As mentioned previously, the new iPhone XS models are packed wth A12 Bionic CPU, with latest 7nm chip. It comprises of :

  • four-core CPU
  • six-core GPU, a next-gen eight-core neural engine.

These would definitely promise a 15 per cent boost up in overall performance boost also supporting the real-time machine learning unique spec.

For photography geeks, the phones are packed with a dual 12MP camera with a TrueTone flash with a much larger sensor with comparison to the iPhone X. it is also equipped with mesmerizing new Camera software some of which have been labeled with features, like the ‘Smart HDR’ mode.

The front is however equipped with the same 7MP TrueDepth camera of last year, but – you will definitely enjoy the “twice as fast” sensor which the previous version lacked.

Moreover, also these would be the first ever iPhones to support dual SIM. It will be managed with the help of a physical SIM card in addition to Apple’s eSIM. The battery life has also been extended upto 30 extra minutes as compared to the previous versions.

Both the new devices have been equipped with the choice of 64GB, 256GB, 512GB of storage.

The third iDevice of this trio is definitely Apple’s iPhone XR which will be properly launched next month, but showcased in the recent launch of XS and XS Max.

Prices of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

£999(PKR:180547), £1,149(PKR:207656) and £1,349(PKR:243802) for XS, while the XS Max can be pre ordered at £1,099,(PKR: 198620) £1,249 (PKR: 225729)and £1,449(PKR: 261875), respectively.

The iPhone XR, with 64GB, 128GB or 256GB has been promised to be ordered at £749,(PKR: 135000) £799(PKR: 144400)and £899(PKR: 162475), respectively, next month.

The handsets are also available across all UK operators. While in the US, the iDevice Trio can be ordered at Best Buy, AT&T Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

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