International students can now stay in United States


Previously, US immigration passed a rule which stated that international students would have to leave the US if their university is offering online classes from next semester. This decision is being taken to send all immigrants back to their countries and control own population against the disease of corona virus. However, the decision has been repealed by the administration under the leadership of Donald Trump. The decision is now reversed after several concerns of hundreds of universities and eight lawsuits of federal nature were also filed against Trump and his administration. At last, decision was taken back and now international students can continue to stay in US and study online.

The lawsuits were as huge as Harvard and MIT too had filed a collective one in Boston. Both the universities are of international exposure and during the hearing, Judge announced to reverse the decision and move back to the status quo position. This decision was termed as victory for all the students by President of Harvard University. MIT’s President also stated that they will go to any extent for protecting their institution and students.

Educational institutes in general are of the view that another law shall be coming by which this area will again be tried to address but all the stakeholders are united as they will fight against them in the court. Nevertheless, this has been a welcoming decision for all the international students.

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