Intermediate Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

Students need to enjoy their educational success as passing out of ten rigorous years of education is not easy at all. Matriculation exams are among one of the most critical examinations in the country. It is conducted on annual basis by all the respective educational boards by ensuring strong standards of transparency and fairness for all. More importantly, after studying for eight successive years and passing one exam after the other results in sitting in 9th class which is also a board exam and then lastly, 10th class exam marks the completion of matriculation level. This is a long journey for attaining success in professional and personal lives, however, its first step out of many is matriculation exam. Once it is passed successfully, students are now eligible for getting admissions in intermediate programs.

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Celebration is important as it reminds of the achievement and cumbersome process that one has gone through but at the same time, it also reminds one of the fact that what lies ahead of them now. Thus, after celebrating, now the next step has to be taken on the ladder of education. It is known as intermediate level but it has various options to offer through which it can be passed. These different options are in fact various programs available at intermediate level ranging from medical to engineering to computer sciences to commerce and arts. Although, students are much aware of the fact that what these programs are and what certain aspects are present in them but still some of the students need clarity in order to reach a best decision. Therefore, let us take a look at all programs offered at intermediate level.


One of the most common program among students who are not clear regarding their future plans is F.A. However, it is one of the best programs for students because it gives multiple options of getting admissions in many programs at university level. It has multiple options which are known as groups of F.A. The four compulsory subjects remain same but there is wide range of optional subjects including civics, physical education, economics, fine arts, English literature, home economics, statistics, economics, and other regional languages including Punjabi, Persian etc. Students who are not interested in either engineering or medical programs can opt for F.A so that they can complete two years of intermediate education and then apply in various programs at desired university. In the meanwhile, students also are able to find out their areas of interest in which professional careers could be built.

FSc Pre Medical

The first and most common known intermediate program in the country is F. Sc. Pre-Medical. Let us first discourse the name of the program itself for developing a better understanding. F. Sc. means faculty of sciences and Pre-Medical means prior to medical. This shows that it is a program in which sciences subjects are studied and are an introductory program leading towards professional medical education. The first step of future doctors and life savers are getting themselves enrolled into an F. Sc. Pre-Medical program. All the students, who are encouraged to become doctors have to get themselves admitted into this program. However, the criteria for medical program is quite demanding as 75% and above marks are required in matriculation level. Few of the colleges can also offer admission at a below percentage of marks in matriculation, although, the quality of education declines. Lastly, students who had passed out matriculation with biology can get admissions into F. Sc. Pre-Medical.

FSc Pre Engineering

F. Sc. Pre-Engineering is similar to F. Sc. Pre-Medical as that is for medical profession primarily, this is for engineering profession. The students willing to pursue their educational careers in engineering field are the ones that need to study it. Engineering is offered of multiple nature in universities including civil, mechanical, electrical etc. However, pre-requisite for all those degrees is F. Sc. Pre-Engineering. Ones who have studied matriculation with sciences subject can take admission into it, however, the study of computer and biology is irrespective of the fact. Colleges have different merits based on the applications they receive and previous year’s merit list. Students can apply to various engineering colleges or other colleges offering engineering program at intermediate level but identical to Pre-Medical, top ranked colleges have a high merit in comparison to those who compromise on quality and give admissions at low percentages even. One of the most preferred choices of parents for their sons are F. Sc. Pre-Engineering at intermediate level.

ICS with Statistics / Physics

The program of ICS educates students related to Computer Sciences field, the students which are interested in the related field can apply for ICS program. However, the program is available in two various options including statistics and physics. The subjects studied at intermediate level are seven in total, four are compulsory and three as elective. ICS can be either opted with Statistics or Physics as the third subject. ICS achieved tremendous growth in the past as information technology has revolutionized the modern day environment. Due to more use of ICT, interest of students has also increased in the degree of ICS. Students studying computer sciences at matriculation level are eligible to get admission in ICS, however, the students who have studied Physics can only choose the combination of ICS with Physics as the third subject.


It is a basic degree in commerce, taught at the intermediate level. The basic concepts are briefed to the students which provides a founding ground for becoming commerce professionals in future. The eligibility criteria for getting admissions in commerce program are not very much complexed as either sciences and arts students can apply for it, however, having a mathematical or statistical background is important. Therefore, most of the students that are neither interested in medical nor in engineering, apply for admissions in I. Com. The term is known as I. Com but the full form is known as intermediate in commerce. Students pursuing I. Com are able to become business, accounting, law, and mass communication professionals in future.

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