Importance of Trees for Healthy Life in Pakistan

 By Mahjabeen Malik

Pakistan is facing an environmental problem due to deforestation. Lack of trees has become dangerous for a healthy environment in Pakistan. The temperature is intensifying due to less forestation. Now the environment is getting hotter, winter season is shrinking while the summer season is extending to several months in a year. People are cutting trees brutally; consequently, our glaciers are melting rapidly. It is alarming that the temperature has crossed more than 50 C in April in various parts of Pakistan.

Trees are not only fruitful for human beings but also other species on earth. Unfortunately, people are just cutting them without thinking about the aftermath. Trees shelter us as well as make our environment healthy, pleasing and cool. They provide us with oxygen as every living being needs it to live and grow. Trees are homes for many species on earth. They provide shelter, shade and food to birds and animals. It is truly said, “When trees grow, humans grow”. According to the UN, about 10% area of the land must be enclosed with trees.

Every individual needs 550 litres of unpolluted oxygen every day and one tree can produce 260 litres of oxygen annually; however, we need to plant many trees on our dear homeland. If trees produce oxygen, they also absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses from the environment and keep the climate cool and fresh. Trees help to boost up health rates by cleaning a polluted environment.

Government of Pakistan has decided to make Pakistan green by planting saplings. Former Premier Mr Muhammad  Mian Nawaz Sharif initiated Green Pakistan Programme (GPP). The advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Climate Change Mr Amin Aslam said that our government will strengthen Green Pakistan Programme (GPP) by planting 10 billion trees.

Every year on 14th August every individual Pakistani needs to plant trees instead of hoisting many flags and other decoration. I am not talking against the importance of flags but I am just trying to drag the attention of nation towards the dire importance of plantation. If you hoist a flag on the roof of your home, plant at least one tree in the premises of your home or elsewhere for instance in the street, park or ground that is situated in your surrounding area.

Recently, Pakistan needs to increase her forestation for diminishing pollution and hot climate. It would be better for you to your money on plants instead of buying other unnecessary things. Decorate your homes with natural plants and trees instead of buying artificial material for adorning your home and country. We must plant more and more trees to make our land of Pakistan worth seeing and attractive. Last month I visited Murree for along with my team of Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation, I got inspired by the awe-inspiring greenery of the northern area of Pakistan.

Charles Lamb says, “I am in love with the green earth”.


We can make our land green by planting billions of trees on it. Pedro Calderon De La Barca said, “Green is the prime colour of the world and that from which its loveliness arises”.