ICS Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

Once done with matriculation, students are unable to make a decision regarding their intermediate education. If the students are interested about computers and its technology, then ICS is the program that shall be opted at intermediate level. It is one of the best available programs that offers not only current but future prospects too as technology has revolutionized the world in which we live. ICS also gives an overview of software development and programming languages as it is one of the multi-faceted education programs in the country. ICS offers a range of future prospects that are of great significance as far as recognition, respect, knowledge and income levels are concerned.

ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Sciences, however, it is offered in two different options. The students can opt it with either ICS Physics or ICS Statistics as an option of Physics and Statistics are available among elective subjects. It is a two years’ program like all other intermediate programs but it is majorly associated with Computer Sciences education. There are 4 compulsory subjects and three elective subjects offered in ICS. Elective subjects include Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Economics. Whereas, compulsories are English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies and Computer Sciences. ICS is also available in three different combinations including Physics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences; Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences; lastly, Statistics, Economics and Computer Sciences. ICS is offered by various colleges of private and public sector, however, the admissions are done based on the merit of each institute which is different from one another.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 10 years of education
  • Successful completion of Matriculation with computer sciences studied during it
  • Ability to meet the merit of institute in which the admission is being desired

Skills learned during ICS

There are multiple skills that are self-sufficient for working as a freelancer and helps the students in attaining more quality education at university level. Due to the relation of degree with computer sciences, one needs to be well aware of all the latest technologies but more importantly, it teaches soft skills, writing skills and communication skills. If the students are really interested in the field, they can progress a lot during these two years. The trend of ICS has increased in recent past as machine learning is the future not only across the globe but in Pakistan as well. In addition to that, these technologies and having command on them enables individuals to secure good jobs in foreign countries.

Career Scope of ICS

The most asked question whether put forward by any student or not is that what is the scope and career options after their intermediate degree. If one opts for ICS, then he/she shall be well aware of the need that computer has in the modern life. Not only computers but technology is also associated with it as every individual and business now requires access to internet and laptop. One of the highly demanded professions are teachers, therefore, graduates of ICS after securing a bachelor’s degree can join the workforce as Lecturers.

Once the degree of ICS is completed, one can secure various jobs due to rise of e-commerce and use of technology in daily lives. Once, ICS is completed, the students acquire university education and can pursue their careers as computer engineer, developer, graphic designer, database administrator, network administrator, system administrator, web manager and then moving up the ladder continues. Nevertheless, it is one of the only intermediate programs that is able to give decent jobs to students even after ICS. But if bachelor’s degree is obtained, better employment opportunities can be capitalized by these individuals.

Whatever a student plans to do after ICS but one shall aim to keep in mind that securing good marks at this level is equally important. If one performs poorly well at this level, then getting admission in any higher education program could be difficult as merits are being raised with every passing year. Hence, students shall aim to secure at least 70% of marks in ICS so that they might not face any difficulty in getting admissions for future studies.

Few of the common degrees that are good avenues and can be pursued after ICS are as follows:

  • BS Computer Sciences
  • BS Computer Engineering
  • BS Artificial Intelligence
  • Bachelor’s in Nanotechnology
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Physics (for ICS with Physics)
  • BS Computational Physics
  • B. Sc. Space Sciences
  • BS Electronics Engineering
  • BS Mathematics
  • B. Sc. Statistics
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration
  • B. Sc. Economics
  • Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance
  • BS Multimedia Technology
  • BS Mass Communication

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