ICom Admission Guide for Pakistani Students

I.Com can be understood as intermediate in commerce and it is one the best option for the students of arts subjects. However, it can be a decent option for those science students of matriculation that are unable to secure good marks in matriculation exam. I.Com is a highly worthwhile professional program as it teaches the basic knowledge of commerce and business related subjects. There is a large number of students that are interested in the field of business and commerce, therefore, they must go for choosing this degree. Mostly, students are unaware of their interests because the culture of such nature isn’t existent in the society at large. Students, who are securing well and doesn’t find any mental pressure or anxiety during studying calculation related courses can opt for I.Com as their intermediate program of study.

It also helps in developing strong foundations for business students. I.Com includes the basic understanding for multiple subjects including banking, finance, commerce, economics, accounting, business mathematics, business statistics and computer sciences. The variety and combination of these subjects helps in broadening the vision of students with developing a greater understanding of philosophical concepts. This stage helps a lot as basic principles are being taught at this level which further helps in taking best decision for the future. The decision after intermediate more or less determines the professional career of students, thus, it is an important career and vision developing stage.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A student must have qualified matriculation or equivalent qualification
  • The fulfillment of merit criteria as per the college

Scheme of Studies

The medium of teaching and studying in I.Com are available in both urdu and English, Teaching is usually done in a bilingual method by catering the social and cultural needs of our country. However, it is recommended that students shall opt for I.Com in English as entire university education is only available in English language. Thus, these two years of intermediate helps these students as a practice ground for 4 years of university education. There are a total of 7 subjects that are studied on annual basis which are even different from one year to the other. The subjects in 1st year which is known as 11th class are English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Principles of Accounting I, Principles of Commerce, Principles of Economics and Business Mathematics. Although, English and Urdu remain existent in 12th class as well but Islamic Studies is replaced with Pakistan Studies. Other subjects which are taught are Statistics, Commercial Geography, Banking and Principles of Accounting II.

Future scope of I.Com

An acceptable education or minimum recognized education at a global level for attaining a professional career is at least 16 years of education which means obtaining at least a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized higher education institute. One of the best available professional degrees after I.Com are various Bachelors’ program including Business Administration, Commerce, Accounting and Finance, Mass Communication etc.

Nevertheless, one of the highly desired career is becoming a professional chartered accountant which can be pursued after I.Com. On the other end, students who are unable to afford university education can also get average jobs of clerk, stenographer, personal assistants. This can help the students in managing their running finances and continuing their studies as well. Universities now also offer distant learning, therefore, education can be continued even if one is employed somewhere.

I.Com can be rated as a better program than any other diplomas as it is one of the affiliated and widely recognized program. The worth of it has already been established in the local market and people are aware of the basic skills one has acquired during I.Com. One of the most asked question is related to making a choice between F. Sc. and I.Com but it can be simplified further. If the students are interested in becoming associated with any of the medical or engineering professions, he/she in any case shall opt for F. Sc. But if the interest of students are towards accounting, commerce or business, I.Com is the best choice, however, students who score well in mathematics and have good analysis shall opt for I.Com. The possible options of studying further after I.Com in Pakistan are as follows:

  • B. Com
  • BBA
  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelors in various subjects (English, Urdu, Mathematics etc.)
  • LLB (Bachelors in Law)
  • CA (Chartered Accountant)
  • ACCA
  • BS Computer Sciences
  • Associate Degree Program (ADP) in Computer Sciences
  • Associate Degree Program (ADP) in Finance

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