IBA Karachi to cancel entry tests for MBA

Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi stands out tall as one of the leading institution in business education. For the very first time, IBA has announced an admission policy which is unique in its own type. There shall be no entry test for getting an admission in branded MBA program of IBA. One of the officials of the institute said that owing to corona virus and its constant uprising in the country has made it difficult for us to manage such a large gathering, hence, a new process of assessment has been introduced for this year.

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The admission process will be initiated by a candidate by simply filing an online application form. Revised process of assessment is based on the data provided on that online form that includes academic qualification, quality of work, length of work experience, achievements or co-curricular activities and lastly, but most important of all, the personal statement. All applications will be shortlisted based on these criteria and these shortlisted will then be called for interviews. Dr. Zaidi, Executive Director of IBA said that all of these policy changes are in fact big paradigm changes but it has been taken in the better interest of potential students and staff members of IBA. He further added that IBA adheres to all health and safety guidelines issued by the government and Higher Education Commission (HEC).

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Assessment of students is based on their applications which has enough data for us to shortlist. For a better understanding and ensuring transparency, we had set up an interview as a part of selection process. Management of IBA said that they are aware of the fact that how much damaging the current pandemic could be for few students but in order to continue the process of education without compromising on quality and merit, we are looking to facilitate the students. Executive Director of IBA further said that they are monitoring the current situation across the country and will keep on modifying its admissions process and classes structure as and when needed.

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