Human Wings “Skills Development”

By Mahjabeen Malik

If you want to fly high upon your wings, you can. Don’t worry if your father
is not as skilled as that of Icarus’ father who had created waxen wings for him to fly. You have your own wings my dear, but you are unaware of your
blessing. Dear readers your skills are your real wings; and these wings are
far better than that of mythical Icarus’ waxen wings.

Wings of your skill will never melt and will never bring about your destruction unless your hamartia destroys you. Learn skills, standing on high moral grounds; soon you will see your name inscribed on the seven Heaven. An unskilled person is really a miserable, wretched, poor and pathetic creature of the world; and a black stigma on the face of society and humanity as well. So to become a healthy fruitful member of the society you must come out of your comfort zone and try your level best to hone your skills. Nothing is impossible; the sky is the only limit.

Fundamentally, skill is an ability to fulfill any task within specific time with great dexterity as for example: an unskilled carpenter who has all materials
but blunt tools to be used to build a house will never be able to attain his
goal in time. His hard work and time will prove futile, resulting no progress.

Personal skill development

Personal skills enable you to live a healthy life, physically as well as mentally Through intrapersonal skills you become stronger to eradicate negative thoughts possessing the abode of your mind. Personal skills
assist you to set a positive supreme goal of your life. Through personal skill
development programme everyone can become a leader. Types of
leadership will also create various fields and paths .Don’t waste your time
to recognize your potential of life .Learn more new skills and hone your
previous skills to boost up your goals, objectives and aims achieve
personal empowerment. Particularly I like to advise girls to develop their

personal skills if they do not want to become a burden on their family and
want to live a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. My dear girls life is not
bed of roses you will have to pass through a mine or like Farhad,(a historic
figure) you will have to cut a mountain to achieve your dreams.

Professional Skill Development

Professional skill is extremely important in the world of business. An employee is judged by the company through his/ her work and enthusiasm.
How he/she completes his/her work. So to become a good member of your
company you need to hone your professional skills. Learn how to accomplishyour task within given time and learn to tackle the problems at
work and help others on workplace. Never shrink to learn from your
seniors in the company .Team work and cooperation with colleagues also
helps you to earn positive points in the eyes of your boss.
Leadership qualities are admirable. An employee must be proficient having
leading qualities to assist his/her juniors.

You must be a master of two types of skills: Hard skills and soft skills.
Hard skills are relevant to your work such as knowledge of your work and command on the subject. You must have complete knowledge of your work
whatever you do. Soft skills are related to your personality for example your character, way of communication, leadership qualities, time management, stress management, ability to handle the adversity. Both hard and soft skills are important to become the backbone of your company and to achieve your requisite goal.

Skill Development of School Children

Children’s skill development starts from their birth such as crying, cooing,
babbling, speaking, crawling and walking. Children learn from the environment in which they are living. Schools can play a vital role to develop the skills of children. The learning ability of children is enhanced at school. At school a child learns how to hold a pencil and use colors, learns reading books and writing, he learns how to behave in the class, learns to control emotions etc.

Children learn from play activities. Paly activities boost the morale of children, they learn to endure others thus they learn to control their
emotions and feelings. Sports inculcate sportsman spirit in the minds of young students to build their confident personality. Public and private
schools are performing their role in children skill development. Particularly the credit goes to the private sector of education according to research data more than one third of the children are enrolled in private schools.

Role of Government

The government of Pakistan has taken an initiative to launch skill development courses at school and college level. Every Pakistani can get benefit qualifying such skill-based diplomas. Regretting, I’ll have to show you the dark picture of those graduates and postgraduates of our country who wander in search of getting any reasonable job when they fail to achieve their goal ultimately they fall down in the ditch of despair, and thus anxiety becomes their eternal fate. Some unfortunate commit suicide when they do not find any source of earning even holding their degrees. My mind gets retard whenever I think about jobless degree holders. A question arises here what our system of education is producing every year? Education and skill training must go hand in hand. Skill training must be the part of education system at school level and higher education level.

Education issues and problems involve the inaccessibility of the right resources. In Pakistan education facts very distinctively show that the major factor that is affecting literacy is the unavailability of quality education in many areas. That is one of the major drawbacks of the education system in Pakistan. To produce a healthy nation government of Pakistan needs to improve the education system.

Youth Skill Development

The government of Pakistan has taken an amazing and admirable step to start a Paid training program for the new generation of Pakistan (Youth) to provide basic and professional technical training in various long courses in various fields and trades under NAVTTC known as National Vocational & Technical Training Commission. NAVTTC is a regulatory body technical education and vocational training in Pakistan.

The pure objective of Youth Skills Development Programme is to provide vocational training to unemployed and fresh young candidates and give
them chance to learn and acquire productive skills for their career. Youth
skill development programme enables students to get employment
opportunity. Pure objective of Youth Skills Development Programme is to provide vocational training to unemployed and fresh young candidates and give them chance to learn and acquire productive skills for their career. Youth skill development programme enables students to get employment opportunity.

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